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4th Class go to Airfield

We went to Airfield on a self-guided walk and saw the Jersey cows producing milk. The milk came out of the cows udders. There are two ways of milking, by hand or by machine. Sophie and Seán

The fact that there were 24 hens in the small space amazed us and we thought it was cool that the colour of their ears is the same as the eggs that they lay. Liam and Orest

Near the walled gardens we saw a yew tree. Yew trees have poisonous leaves if eaten raw but can be made into medicine that treats cancer. Lily and Alex

We were able to see how the gardeners make rhubarb taste sweeter and grow longer. It is done by the Airfield farmers, it’s called Rhubarb Forcing. They put a special black cover over it. It works because the rhubarb grows towards the light at the top. Rían and Stefan

In Airfield, we also saw the huge Sequoia (Giant Redwood) tree. The tree was humongous, in fact it is the biggest tree in Airfield. It is the biggest species of tree in the world. Zach, Jacob, Finn and Jason

On the trip to Airfield we tasted fresh milk from the cows. It was delicious, creamy and had bits of fat in it. It had been pasteurised before we tasted it which means that it had been heated and cooled quickly to kill some of the bacteria. Conan and Mindaugas

The trip to Airfield included going on a silent nature walk. We walked over a wooden bridge going across a pond. We stopped in the middle of the bridge and closed our eyes to listen to nature’s sounds other than the traffic and noise in the distance. Divisha, Eva and Lola

We saw tropical plants under a piece of plastic which kept the heat in. There were different sized plants, some were cactii. Patrick and Shane

Some of the animals on our trip today were young. We saw piglets resting, calves playing and we also saw many fully grown animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and cows. We had lots of fun in Airfield. Freya and Rijin

There were some brussel sprouts growing. They grow on a tall green plant with a lettuce shaped top. On the stem of the plant, there were little green brussel sprouts. Lola, Eva, Divisha

Near the end of a lovely walk we got to play in a playground. We all went on the zipline. The animals and farms were beautiful and we all had a great time. Anna and Katie