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Ancient Egypt with Second Class!

Second Class’s theme of the month has been Ancient Egypt. We have loved learning all about ancient egypt, and the interesting stories we read!

Here are some of the activities we did during the month. We have a few more to come!

First we learned about the geography of Egypt, and why rivers are important! All of the main towns and cities in Egypt are built along the River Nile. It floods nearly every year, which helps the crops grow. The Sahara Desert is also in Egypt.

Mariam told us that the word ‘Sahara’ means desert in Arabic!


Everybody was so eager to learn about Tutankhamen, so we learned all about the archeologist Howard Carter, and Lord Carnarvon who found his tomb first.

Then we wrote reports about what had happened.


Each child got a different picture depicting daily life in Ancient Egypt, and we had to imagine who was in the picture, what they were doing and write speech bubbles for the people! In this picture, two people are playing the old game Senet.


Egyptians believed that people would go to an afterlife, and so they filled their tombs with beautiful items for Pharoah’s to bring with them. We made the ‘eye of horus’ and an ‘ankh’ out of clay. Carla has given her Egyptian character ‘Ankh’ earrings and an ‘Eye of Horus’ necklace. These clay figures were called amulets.

The ‘ankh’ is known as ‘The Key to the Nile’ and the ‘Eye of Horus’ represents the protection and wealth.

12607207_10154571194539778_426768243_n ankh eye of horus

The Ancient Egyptians used to build a beautiful coffin for their Pharoah. It was called a sarcophagus. In order for people to know who was in them, they would attach a name tag called a cartouche. We wrote about our cartouche and then wrote our name in Hieroglyphics!


We used salt dough to make a 3D Pharoah, and we decorated his headdress.


We also tied our work in the Egyptians into our work on Procedural Writing, and read the procedure for mummification!



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