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Behind the Scenes in 5th class

5th class have been learning all about Film Making! We have created story boards, written scripts and made costumes for our Live-Action-Film. This week, we chose our locations and started filming.

We have learnt how much work goes into making films and how important team work is! Here are some behind the scene shots….

Maya Masks in 5th Class – Alison

In 5th class we have been learning about The Maya civilization. We have learnt loads of interesting facts about them. The Mayas made impressive masks to wear during battle, during celebrations and as a decoration. Special masks were even made for the dead, to protect them on their journey to the afterlife! We designed our own masks and are now making them with Paper Mache. We are very excited to see how they will turn out!

2nd Class Airfield Trip

This week Alison’s Second Class enjoyed a trip to our local farm, Airfield. The gardens were beautiful, the flowers were in full bloom and smelt wonderful. We saw grape vines and vegetable patches. We loved seeing all of the different farm animals and completing the challenges set up across the farm. Our favourite part was the playground, especially the zipline!. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff at Airfield for allowing us to have such a fun and exciting day.

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