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Whatever the Weather!

In Senior Infants, our theme for February was Weather and Clothes. We learned about the different kinds of weather, we chatted about our favourite kinds of clothes to wear and we identified the different kinds of clothes worn in each season.

In Aistear, our role-play station was ‘The Clothes Shop’. The children had so much fun dressing up!

For Art, we designed our own jumpers using different materials.

As always, we made brilliant creations with construction materials and junk art.

It was also Senior Infants turn to create the schools Learn Together display. We wrote about Chinese New Year and made cool dragons!

The highlight of the month has definitely been triathlon training.

Food Glorious Food!

In January, Senior Infants enjoyed lots of activities around the theme of ‘food’. We discussed the different kinds of foods, our likes and dislikes and how food is important for giving us energy and keeping us healthy.

Our Aistear role-play area was a Café/Restaurant. The children had so much fun pretending to be chefs, waiting staff and customers.

We used lentils and rainbow rice for our sensory station.

We made paper plate pizzas.

We made mini-restaurants and cafés for our small world station.

Exploring The Arctic in Senior Infants!

Our Aistear theme in Senior Infants for December was The Arctic. The children really enjoyed learning all about the Arctic Circle, it’s animals and the people who live there. Our Aistear stations were; role-play, construction, junk art, sensory play, playdough and art.

In the role play area, we took a trip to the amazing Arctic. We built igloos, went camping and looked after some arctic animals.

We use sago seeds as snow in our sensory play station and it was a huge hit!

We made beautiful winter scenes.

Senior Infants Blast Off!

In Senior Infants, our theme for November was Space. We learned about night and nay, the 8 planets and what it is like to be an astronaut.

For Aistear, our role-play area was The International Space Station. The children had lots of fun conducting space experiments and meeting aliens!

For art, we made really cool clay aliens. We also made aliens at our playdough station.

In junk art, we made everything from rockets to space stations.

For construction, we challenged ourselves to make really cool bridges.

In English, we learned lots of lovely poems about space and wrote about what we would bring with us to space.

An Outstanding October

Senior Infants have had a fun and busy October. Our theme for this month was ‘Houses and Homes’ and we learned lots about the different types of homes, the materials used to build them, the rooms in the home and different kinds of families.

We embraced the seasonal changes that are happening around us and we learned lots about autumn. On National Tree day we went on a walk to Finsbury Park to look out for signs of autumn and to collect some leaves and identify the different trees that grow there.

We also celebrated World Mental Health Day with a whole week of nice activities. We did some yoga, lots of mindfulness activities and we had a picnic outside in the outdoor classroom.

Our Aistear this month was based around our theme. The children enjoyed buying and selling homes in the Estate Agent role-play area. The houses for sale become quite spooky, towards the end of our last week!

We used Lego as our construction material and built lots of different kinds of homes.

We made bedrooms and homes using junk art.

We drew our families and made lollipop stick homes at our art station. We also made pumpkins!

Small world was a big hit this month. The children loved playing with the doll’s houses and setting up the furniture in the different rooms.

A Super September in Senior Infants!

We have had a fun and busy September in Senior Infants. We have settled back to school so quickly and have been working super hard. Our theme for September is ‘All About Me’. We have been learning about our senses, chatting about our likes and dislikes and learning about our differences.

In Maths, we have been engaging in lots of sorting activities and also creating patterns. We have also been learning about the Story of 5 and revising number formation.

Aistear has gotten off to a great start. There children take turns engaging with 5 different station activities.

The children love our ‘Optician’ role-play area.

Junk art is a big hit and our creations are amazing!

We have also been making really interesting constructions.

We have been designing our own glasses range, some of which have superpowers.

Senior Infants have been painting with a twist!

The children used scented paints to paint a picture of their own. As they began painting, they noticed that each colour smelled like something different. The children used their sense of smell to try and identify each of the different scents!

We have learned lots of new vocabulary at our oral language station.

Well done Senior Infants!

Sports Week

Although Sports Week was a little bit different this year, it was just as much fun as always!

We went on a scavenger hunt.

We did some yoga with Jen and Jenny.

We did some very tiring HIIT stations on the Astro Turf.

We boogied on down in Zumba with Carla from Pound Fit.

We had a dance party on the Astro.

Some amazing Irish athletes sent us a video message to wish us well.

And we finished off the week with a well deserved ice-cream.

June in Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been making the most of the lovely June weather and spending lots of time outside. We took our maths stations outside and also our Aistear activities.

Our theme for June was ‘water’. We learned about capacity, water sources, water safety, looking after our oceans and ocean creatures. Our Aistear activities included junk art, construction, water beads, sand and plasticine.

Senior Infants spent lots of time in our new outdoor classroom this month. We enjoyed relaxing and reading some books in the sun. Senior Infants also did some planting and learnt lots about the importance of bees with Caroline. She even brought us in a friendly bee to meet!

Earth Week in Senior Infants

It was Earth Day on the 22nd of April, and Senior Infants decided to celebrate for whole week! We did lots of fun, nature based activities, went on a minibeast hunt and spent lots of time learning and playing outside.

We made clay ornaments with pieces of nature.

We wrote about ‘Our Favourite Place on Earth’.

We made nature ‘people’ with lots of natural materials.

We ate our lunch outside in the beautiful sunshine!

And we learned all about our Earth and how to look after it. The future is in good hands!

A Very Happy March

Senior Infants have had a lovely March back at school. We have settled back into our routine and been so busy doing lots of fun activities.

In maths, we have been learning all about number patterns.

In English, we have been enjoying some station activities when we arrive each morning.

This month, our theme for Aistear is ‘The Garden’. We planted sunflower seeds in toilet roll holder pots. We are having great fun in the ‘Garden Centre’ role-play area. We have been using construction materials to design and make gardens and we have been making interesting creations with junk art. We have also made lots of spring themed art. We even took our Aistear outside in the sun and did some real ‘gardening’.

We worked in pairs to design our own garden/ park. Here are some examples of our work.

Senior Infants in the Arctic

Our Aistear theme for December was the Arctic and the children really enjoyed learning all about the Arctic Circle, it’s animals and the people who live there. Our Aistear stations were; role-play, construction, junk art, sensory play, playdough and art.

In the role-play area, we journeyed to the Arctic Circle to explore and look after the animals.

For sensory play, we had great fun with little white beans. We pretended it was snow and played with little animal figurines.

Construction and junk art are always a hit during Aistear!

For art, we made a beautiful winter scene.

Senior Infants in Space

Senior Infants have been learning lots about space and enjoying our space themed Aistear activities this month.

For junk art, we have been busy making cool creations like rockets, space stations and aliens!

We have also made some really cool aliens with playdough.

Senior Infants have loved playing in our Space Station role-play area. We have been going on moonwalks, taking the rocket ship to mars, fixing broken planets and even saving aliens!

At our art station, we have made some lovely alien and planet pictures and next week we will be making clay aliens.

Construction is always a hit with Senior Infants. We have been making rockets, solar systems, space rovers and space stations.

September Fun

Senior Infants have had a great start to the school year. We are working very hard and enjoying lots of fun activities.

Aistear has been a huge hit with the class. Our theme this month is ‘Houses and Homes’. We have been having great fun building homes using waffle blocks, making homes in junk art, playing with the small world house and selling houses in the estate agent role-play area.

For National Tree Day we talked about the importance of trees and we went on a little walk around the school grounds to look at the beautiful trees we have here. We even gave them a little hug!

In English, we have been doing station teaching. The stations include handwriting, free writing, interactive phonics games on the ipads, a phonics station and a word family station.

Spring is in the Air!

Senior Infants took a trip to Airfield Farm to look out for all the signs of spring. We looked at the daffodils and all the other flowers that are beginning to bloom. We learned all about chickens and watched the eggs being collected. We even got to see the cows being milked. We finished off our visit with a trip to the play area. We had a great day and were all very tired after the long walk back to school!

Food Glorious Food

Senior Infants have been doing lots of activities around the theme of ‘food’. We have been discussing the different kinds of foods, our likes and dislikes and how food is important for giving us energy and keeping us healthy.

For art, we used potatoes for printing. We used our imaginations to create flowers, bugs and even monsters!

In Aistear, children built restaurants using waffle blocks and lego. We also had an art station, where the children used clay to make pinch pots. Our very popular role-play area returned again, this time as a restaurant!

We also did some apple tasting. We tried different kinds of apples like Bramley, Gala and Pink Lady and discussed the difference in taste. Pink Lady was the most popular!

Wellness Week

From the 21st to 25th of January, we organised a ‘Wellness Week’ in school. During this week, all classes made an extra effort to include activities which promote positive mental health and well-being. These activities included daily meditation, nature walks, mindful eating, mindful colouring and lots of discussions about our emotions and how to deal with them.

Jen, one of our support teachers, has just completed a course in children’s yoga and kindly offered to take each class for a yoga session. This was a huge hit with all the children.

We also had lots of parent volunteers who came to give talks on the areas of wellness that they specialise in.

Our first visit was from Claire, who works with essential oils and teaches people how to use them to support their emotional and physical health. Geraldine is in her 2nd year of Masters at UCD, studying Mindfulness Based Interventions, at the School of Psychology and she came in to do a ‘Mindfullness’ talk with both the senior classes and the junior classes.

Sally is a nutritionist and she came in to talk to some of the classes about the importance of food for keeping us healthy and giving us energy.

Michal has been practising Tibetan Buddhism for last 13 years and he came in to share his knowledge on the benefits of meditation.

Sara is a psychologist and she came in to talk to the junior and seniors infants about worries and how to deal with them.

And finally, Mischa and Caroline visited 2nd class to work on a project called ‘Song of our School’. This project included a walk around school in which the children were encouraged to stop and listen to all the sounds around them. They are now in the process of using these sounds to come up with a unique composition.

Senior Infant Disco

Senior Infants finished off a great first term in school with a disco in the hall. We loved dancing along to all our favourite songs and had so much fun. Check out our moves!

Senior Infants Blast Off!!

This year, for Science Week (November 11th -18th), the whole school decided to focus on the theme of space. The children loved learning about night and day, the planets, the life of an astronaut and much more. We read lots of stories which tie in with this theme like ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’. The children also brought in lots of space fact books for us to read. We also did lots of fun ‘space’ writing activities like ’10 things I would bring to space’ and ‘My Alien Poem’.

Our ‘Space’ themed Aistear was so much fun. Our role play area was the International Space Station.  The children loved monitoring space for asteroids and exploring the moon.


For sensory play we used play dough and lots of other materials like pipe cleaners, marbles and goggly eyes to make little aliens.

The children made super rockets, moon cars and space stations in using the junk art.

The children used their imaginations and the small world figures to explore space and all its’ wonders!


The Estate Agent

In Senior Infants, the theme  for October has been ‘Houses and Homes’. The children have really enjoyed learning all about the rooms in a house, the different kinds of homes and the importance of families. Our Aistear was based around the ‘The Estate Agent’ and the children have had so much fun.

In the role-play area, the children have been taking it in turns to be an auctioneer at a property auction. They have also been working in an estate agent office, answering phone calls and helping the customers to find their dream homes.

In the construction area, the children have made some amazing properties, from boat houses to apartment blocks as high at the classroom ceiling!

For junk art, we have been working on bedroom dioramas. The children really used their imaginations to turn items like egg cartons into beds. We had a visit from Aoife’s 4th class to check out our brilliant work.

The introduction of a small world activity has been a huge hit. The children loved playing with the small figures in the toy houses. They loved to pretend that there was a birthday party happening in the houses or that a moody teenager was causing trouble!



Niall De Burca

On the 27th of September, we were super lucky to have the story teller Niall De Burca come to visit. The children absolutely loved it and didn’t stop laughing from start to finish. Here are some photos of the Junior Infants and Senior Infants listening to Niall.


The Optician

Senior Infants have just started Aistear and we are having so much fun. Our Aistear activities this month are based around ‘The Optician’ and include; an optician role-play area, junk art, construction and play dough.

The Optician role play area is a firm favourite with the children and we are super at taking it in turns to be a customer, a receptionist and an optician. We have had costumers coming to the optician looking for prescription sunglasses, eye drops for eye infections and eye tests. We even had a customer come in with two lazy eyes!

We have loved getting creative with the junk art and we have made really cool eye machines. Some dispense glasses when you enter money, some are x-ray machines and others tell you which kind of glasses you need. Check out our junk art glasses and eye patches.

The children had the great idea to use the eye play dough mats as the x-ray scans and used play dough to show what was wrong with the eyes. Here are some eye scans showing water and sand in the eyes.

We also put on our hard hats and high-vis jackets and got to work building opticians offices, glasses, eye machines and even apartment blocks! We made one taller than Emer!


Ready, Set, Go!

Senior Infants have had a great start to the year. We have settled in very well and are working really hard.

In Maths, we have been following the Ready, Set, Go programme. It is a very hands on programme and the children are really enjoying making sets and patterns using all of the lovely resources we have in school. 


Sports Day 2018

We had an absolutely fantastic Sports Day on the 27th of June. The sun was shining, we had some great volunteers and the children took part in all the activities with great energy and enthusiasm.  We had a range of fun activities throughout the day. Brian and Ciaran from Gracie Barra Dublin, who run a Ju Jitzu afterschool, gave each class a crash course in the popular martial art. The children got their groove on in Sarah’s Zumba class, which was a huge hit. And, as always, the station activities were a massive success with the help of our fantastic volunteers. Aongus organised a ‘teachers versus 4th class’ game of dodgeball. Everyone got very competitive and the teachers came out on top. Of course, we finished the day with a well-deserved ice-cream. Thanks to all of the volunteers and staff for making it a great day! Ciara



Playworks is Back

This month, we have reintroduce the Playworks programme on the yard. Playworks is a form of structured play in which some children from 3rd and 4th class act as coaches and organise games for the other children to take part in. The games running at the moment are circle dodgeball, bandaid tag and hot potato. So far, the coaches are doing a fantastic job and the children are really enjoying it.

The Buddy Bench Programme

In February, we were very lucky to have a visit from two psychotherapists Judith and Michelle, who came in to teach us about the Buddy Bench Programme.  The Buddy Bench Programme is a primary school-based, child-led and positive mental health programme that empowers children to foster friendships and illuminates loneliness in the yard. The aim of the programme is to help the children become more aware of others and enable them to practice kindness and empathy. The Buddy Bench motto is ‘”Look Up, Look Around and Look Out For Each Other’. Judith and Michelle brought along two Buddy Benches for us to keep, both made by the Men’s Shed.

After the visit, all classes came up with some ideas and designs for the Buddy Benches. These were collected by the Student Council who looked through them all and finalised the design. It was also the responsibility of the Student Council to paint the benches.

Soon, the beautifully decorated benches will be out on the yard. The children will be encouraged to monitor the benches for anyone who may be feeling sad or lonely and to offer them kindness and friendship.  We know the children will really embrace this new initiative.


Sports Day 2017

We were very lucky to have a lovely sunny day for our Sports Day, on Friday the 2nd of June. The children had a super fun and action packed day.

We split the classes into different teams for the stations activities which included an obstacle course, races, a football shootout and parachute games. 


Mr. Sin, a Tae-kwon-do instructor, came in to do some lessons with the older children. They had great fun practicing their kicks!


Things got very competitive with the tug of war and long jump. Look at the concentration on the children’s faces.


After a hectic day, the junior infants headed out to our lovely garden for some yoga and meditation.

The smoothie station was a big hit. The children were very tired from running around, so it was nice to have a break and a refreshing, healthy drink.


Thanks so much to all the parents who volunteered on the day and made donations for the smoothie station.



Teddy Bear’s Picnic

We enjoyed a wonderful picnic accompanied by our favourite teddy bears. After eating we played with our teddies. We sang along to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic song afterwards in class. We had so much fun!

Neola’s Class Trip to Glenroe Farm

We had a fantastic day at Glenroe Farm. Take a look at the photos to see what we got up to!

Trip to Glenroe Farm

Junior Infants had a great time on their trip to Glenroe farm. It was our first time going on a bus together and we were so excited. When we got the farm, we left our bags in a big barn and went to play in a HUGE playground.


We had so much fun on the swings and the slides and we really worked up an appetite, so we headed back to the barn for our lunch.

After lunch, we were brought on a tour around the farm to see all the animals. We saw cows, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, lambs, turkeys, deer, donkeys and horses. We even got to hold a baby chick, called Nugget, and a baby rabbit, called Candyfloss. We listened so nicely to the farmer, we stayed close to our teachers and parent helpers and we had a super day!


Let’s go to Italy

Junior Infants have been learning all about Italy this May. We made passports and took an imaginary trip to lots of different places in Italy. We went on a Gondola in Venice, took photographs of the leaning tower of Pisa, visited the Colosseum in Rome, threw a coin in the Trevi fountain and even walked around the old buildings in Pompeii. We couldn’t leave Italy without tasting all the yummy pasta, pizza and gelato! Look at the postcards we made to our families.

For art, we made delicious pizzas with all our favourite toppings. We also learned about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. We wanted to know what it was like to paint something on a roof, so we stuck some paper under our tables and tried to draw some pictures. It was very hard!

 We were very lucky to have special visits from Giovanni’s mum, Milena, and Matteo’s mum, Stella, both of whom are from Italy. They told us about the places they are from and taught us some Italian. Milena taught us about the Monk Seal and the Alpine Ibex and Stella told us the story of Romulus and Remus and also a story about two monsters! The children absolutely loved these visits. We even got to taste some Italian bread sticks. YUMMY!


Ciao for now!

Learning about Passover

This week, Ciara’s Junior Infants had a special visit from Maya’s dad, Colin. Colin came in to talk about the Jewish festival of Passover. He told us the story of Passover and explained how it is celebrated. He showed us a story book about Passover and a Seder plate. We even got to taste the special matzah bread which is eaten over Passover. The children thought it was really yummy!

Junior Infant Artists

Junior Infants really enjoy making art. Have a look at some of their beautiful creations


To Infinity and Beyond

We explored space in Aistear for the month of March. We learned all about the solar system, planets, space stations, NASA, galaxies, gravity and air resistance. Eliza’s dad came in to do a rocket experiment with us and we carried out an air resistance experiment on the yard

The Flower Shop

Ciara’s Junior Infants have just started a new 3 week block of Aistear and our new theme is ‘Plants’. We have a ‘Flower Shop’ role play area, a creative station, a sensory gardening station, a construction station, a writing station and a playdough station. The children are loving this theme so far and are really using all the ‘plant’ related language we have been learning the past few weeks. Have a look at us in action.


Special Visits

In March, Junior Infants have been learning lots about people who help us. We were very lucky to have some of our parents come in to visit us and tell us about their jobs and how they help people. Our first visit was from Sarah, Nina’s mum. Sarah is a psychotherapist, who works with children. She told us about her job and how people come to her to talk about their feelings. We played some fun games too.

Next, we had a visit from Fiadh’s dad, Dave. Dave is a fire fighter. He explained all the different jobs that fire fighters have to do and gave us some fire safety information. Dave brought in lots of equipment to show the class and even let the children try on his helmet!


Each term we change the Playworks games on the yard. This month we have Duck, Duck, Goose, Basketball, Cookie Monster, Chalk and Crazy Races. The children are really enjoying these games and the older children are working so hard as coaches.

Spring is in the air

Ciara’s Junior Infants and Aongus’ Second Class have become super friends since starting Reading Buddies last month, so we decided to go on a ‘Spring Walk’ together. We paired up with our buddies and walked around to Balally Park, keeping a close eye out for any signs of Spring. We noticed the cherry blossoms and daffodils in bloom, the birds singing loudly whilst busy making their nests and the smell of fresh cut grass, not to mention the lovely warm weather. Our buddies made a huge effort to get to know each other better on the walk to the park and they had great fun playing together in the playground. We hope to do lots more fun activities together in the future.

1, 2, 3 Blast Off

Junior Infants were very lucky to have a visit from Eliza’s dad, Justin. Justin is an engineer who loves making rockets. He showed us some of the rockets that he and Eliza made. We brought them outside and watched them blast into the sky. It was so much fun!

The Veterinary Surgery

Ciara’s Junior Infants have just started a new Aistear.  Our theme for this Aistear is ‘Animals’ and the children are really enjoying it so far. In junk art, the children have really been using their imaginations and creating x-ray machines, medicine and other inventions that could be used to help animals. They have been having great fun in ‘The Veterinary Surgery’ role-play area taking on roles like animal owners, receptionists and vets. They really enjoy looking after the sick animals. In small world we have been using Lego and small toy animals to create zoos and animal hospitals. The children have also enjoyed making farms using play dough and waffle blocks. Thank you to everyone who sent in resources for this Aistear. Look at how much fun we are having!

Fun February

Junior Infants have been doing lots of fun activities this month. We have added a new station in Aistear where we test different materials to see which one makes the best ramp for our little cars.

In Maths, we have been playing a fun game called ‘The Sweety Jar Game’. Children roll the dice and place the correct number of counters into the sweety jars. Each day, the children have a different ‘goal number’ with which to fill the sweety jars.

We have also paired up with Aongus’ class for some buddy reading. The children loved making new friends with the 2nd class and we are looking forward to more weeks of reading with our new buddies.

We Love To Read

We love any opportunity to read in Junior Infants. We read at our tables and in our new reading corner too.


Aistear is the curriculum framework for children from birth to six years in Ireland which involves learning about a particular theme through play, discovery and discussion. Ciara’s Junior Infants have just started Aistear and we love it! Our themed for January is ‘Toys’. The children have been busy making different toys using junk art and playdough. The ‘Toyshop’ role play area has been a great hit and the children are really using their imaginations to come up with different situations for the Teddy Bears picnic.

Active Maths

We take part in fun games and activities when exploring number.

Little Architects

We are very good at designing and building lots of different creations in Junior Infants. Please take a look! 

Team Work and Physical Education

Last week in PE, we took part in some team building activities which also tested and developed our co-ordination and motor skills. Take a look to see how well we worked together as a team. 

Show and Tell (Old and New Toys)

We are learning all about new and old toys for the month of January. We learned lots from each other’s show and tell presentations. Kitty brought in her mum’s old toy doll which was made entirely from soft material. Sofia’s modern doll on the other hand was made out of plastic. We learned that old toys did not need batteries. The owner had to improvise. We have been exploring toys in Aistear, learned songs about toys and even designed our own toy inventions in art.

Visit from Dogs Trust

This month, we were very lucky to have a visit from Fiona and Ollie from Dogs Trust. Fiona helped us to think about all the things that dogs need to be happy and we talked about how looking after dogs can be hard work. Fiona explained to us that we must always ask a dog’s owner before we pet it and she showed us how to pet it in a safe way, without scaring the dog. Ollie was happy to let the children pet him!

A special thanks to Jessica (Second Class teacher) for organising the visit!


Junior Infant Mathematicians

We are very good at counting, ordering and writing our numerals in Junior Infants. Take a look at us playing our maths games and taking part in our maths learning stations.                          

Patterns of Two

This week, we were revising the number 2 and we had great fun making ‘patterns of two’ using lots of different resources. We used beads, bears of different sizes, tangrams, peg boards and unifix cubes. Check out our work!

img_5046 img_5043 img_5041img_5036 img_5038 img_5039 img_5040

Digging in December

Last year, the current second classes planted lots of yummy vegetables in the school vegetable patch. The brussels Sprouts and leeks were finally ready to be harvested so Junior Infants did the job. Anna’s mum Laragh helped us to dig up the vegetables and the children helped to pick all the brussels sprouts off the stalks. It was very mucky and very fun! The children all got to bring home some brussels sprouts to have for dinner.

img_5025 img_5026 img_5027 img_5028 img_5029 img_5030 img_5031 img_5032 img_5033 img_5034

Home is Where the Heart is

Our theme for Aistear in Junior Infants this month is “The Home.” We’ve learned that there’s all different sorts of families and houses but the common thing between each is love. We have had lots of fun playing home with the doll houses and role play area. We made lots of things you would find at home using our playdough. During art, we made lovely wallpaper and curtain patterns.

Science Week In Junior Infants

For Science Week 2016 Junior Infants examined four different types of materials to see which would make the strongest house for the three little pigs to live in. It linked in perfectly with our Aistear theme for this month ” The Home.” We had lots of fun exploring, building, discussing and predicting. The four materials we tested out were paper towels, tin foil, card and building blocks. We tested out the strength of our houses using Neola’s hairdryer (The Big Bad Wolf!) In the end we concluded that the building blocks were the best material to use as the hairdryer didn’t blow these houses down. Take a look at all the fun we had being scientists!  20161115_110149-1 20161115_110156 20161115_110602 20161115_110741 20161115_110748-1 20161115_110801 20161115_11150720161115_110944-1

Playworks is back!

We have started up Playworks again on the yard and it is already a big hit. Playworks is a programme which involves organising games on the yard for the children to play. Our 2nd and 3rd class students have been trained as coaches and they take it in turns to come out to the junior yard and coach the games. The games taking place at the moment are; Animal Tag, Racing, Basketball Shoot, Switch and Chalk Drawing.

img_4907 img_4908 img_4909 img_4910 img_4912

The Story of One

Junior Infants have been learning all about the number 1 this week. We had great fun searching for buttons with 1 hole in the sandbox. We decorated a number 1 template using buttons, sticks and counters. We played with board games which involved tracing the number one. We coloured in number one templates beautifully and we practised writing the number one on our mini whiteboards.


Language Stations In Junior Infants

We have been practicing reading and writing our first two ‘Jolly Phonics’ groups this school term.  We are able to blend sounds together to help us read CVC words. During our station work we made the letters with play dough, wrote letters on white boards, wrote them in sand and played a matching game to help us learn. We have been exploring the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears also. We have sequenced the story, acted it out with finger puppets, created scenes from the story with play dough and are preparing for our show in November. 20160930_110010 20160930_110035-1 20160930_110035 20160930_110133 20160930_111244 20160930_111338 20160930_111432 20160930_113215 20160930_113242

Junior Infants Art Gallery Term One

We have been very busy painting, printing, cutting and sticking in Junior Infants.  Our favourite piece of art was the bats we made from paper plates. We enjoyed playing with our bats in the playground                 20161004_092345 20161005_112845 20161018_161114 20161018_161234 20161019_112204 20161019_145906 20161019_145933 20161024_111050 20161026_123230 20161026_123629 20161026_123631 20161026_123638

Maths Week In Junior Infants: The Great Outdoors

Junior Infants had lots of fun outdoors for Maths Week. We worked together in groups finding and taking photographs of 2D shapes and numbers outside in the playground. We also went on a nature walk to explore the Autumn trees. We had lots of fun counting the leaves, trees and horse chestnuts we saw. We continued working on patterns in the classroom. We made some very impressive patterns, please take a look.             20161004_091505 20161004_091742 20161004_091829 20161004_092309 20161004_092313 20161004_092728 20161011_092530 20161011_092535 20161011_092943 20161011_093015 20161018_093226 20161018_093357 20161018_093417 20161018_093555 20161024_111004

Exotic Fruit Tasting and Pumpkin Harvest

Our theme for October is food. We’ve been learning poems about food and read “Handa’s Surprise,” which is all about exotic fruits from Africa. After reading the story the children had the opportunity to taste some of the fruit mentioned in the book. We also received our very own pumpkin to display on our Autumn window. The pumpkin was harvested from the school garden with the help of Jim, Third class and Anna’s mum Laragh.20161013_083002 20161013_091409 20161013_091421 20161013_091435 20161018_083808 20161018_083910

Crazy about patterns.

For the month of October,  Junior Infants have been learning lots about patterns in maths. First we copied patterns, then we extended patterns and finally, we had great fun making patterns of our own. We made patterns using different colours, shapes and sizes. Have a look at some of our amazing work.

img_4581 img_4589img_4613 img_4614 img_4615 img_4616 img_4617 img_4621 img_4622 img_4623 img_4624 img_4625 img_4626 img_4627 img_4628

Happy Tree Day!

On the 6th of October, Ciara’s Junior Infants celebrated National Tree Day. We talked about all the wonderful things that trees give us, like oxygen, fruit and paper and then we learned the names of the parts of the tree. We went on a little ‘Tree Walk’ to have a look at the lovely trees on the school grounds and we whispered ‘Thank you’ to the trees for all that they give us.

img_4566 img_4567 img_4568

Busy Bees in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been very busy bees this September. Take a look at what we have been doing.

We have been working very hard at our letter formation. It is great fun making the letters in sand, with play dough, on the interactive whiteboard, with crayons and with markers.


We have been learning about 2D shapes and have had lots of fun making these too. We have been doing lots of sorting activities and have made sets using Venn Diagrams.

270 268 267 266 263 260 20160916_092348 5 4 3 2 img_4517 img_4516 img_4515 img_4514 img_4513 img_4511 img_4510 img_4508 img_4507 img_4506 img_4505 img_4504 img_4503 img_4502 img_4501 img_4500 img_4499

We were very lucky to have a visit from Nessa’s dad Joey. Joey works for ESB and came in to chat to us about safety around electricity.


Neola’s class have been learning all about the hospital for Aistear. During role-play we have been pretending to be radiographers, doctors, nurses, patients and receptionists. At the construction station, we made x-ray machines, hospital buildings and ambulances, to name but a few. We made x-rays of our arms in art.

7 6


Our first week in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have settled in very well to school and are already busy learning, working hard and making new friends. Take a look at what we have been up to!

We have great fun during activity time with our friends.

IMG_0126[1] IMG_0124[1] IMG_0122[1] IMG_0121[1] IMG_0120[1] IMG_0119[1] IMG_0118[1] IMG_0088[1]

We have been reading lots of books.


We have been doing some matching activities in Maths.

IMG_0417 IMG_0418 IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0422 IMG_0424 IMG_0425 IMG_0426 IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0429 IMG_0430

We are looking forward to the year ahead!


Sports Day


Our Sports Day took place on Friday the 24th of June. We didn’t let the rain stop us and it was a fun and active day from start to finish! We had a visit from Chuggy the Bouncy Castle Obstacle Course and it was a firm favourite with all the children.

IMG_8471 IMG_8473


The children also enjoyed showing off their jumping skills on the long jump and having some free play time with all our lovely P.E equipment. We had two sessions of station activities, one in the morning for First Class and Second Class and one in the middle of the day for Junior Infants and Senior Infants. The children had great fun taking part in lots of different activities like sack racing, egg and spoon racing, football shoot and parachute games.

IMG_3912 IMG_3911 IMG_3908 IMG_3903 IMG_3902 IMG_3901 IMG_3898 IMG_3894 IMG_3893 IMG_3892 IMG_3891 IMG_3885 IMG_3884 IMG_3882IMG_3907

The music of the ice-cream van and its arrival produced excited cheers of delight and we ended a great day with some yummy ice-cream. Thank you so much to all our parents who volunteered to help out for the day. You helped us ensure that everything ran smoothly and safely and  we really appreciate it.


First Class Down Under

In June, Ciara’s First Class have been learning all about Australia. The children have really enjoyed this topic and worked really hard on their ‘Australia Projects’.  Look at how proud they are!

IMG_3776 IMG_3783 IMG_3784

We always do our best to integrate our monthly themes through all the different curricular subjects. In Geography, we studied Australia’s location, population and landmarks. In Science, we learned all about the interesting and dangerous wildlife found in Australia, and we studied the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.  In History, we learned the about Aborigines. We studied their ancient carvings and created our own stories using ancient aboriginal symbols. 

We paid a visit to John’s class to present our projects and share our learning.  We also performed the Australian song ‘Kookaburah sits in the old Gum Tree’  for John’s class. In Art, we created beautiful Aboriginal Dot paintings. Look at the amazing patterns we made! We also got our hands dirty and made some clay lizards, snakes and turtles.

IMG_3777 IMG_3778


School Tour

Last week, First and Second class went on an action packed trip to UCD Sports Centre. The trip was full of fun and excitement from start to finish. Upon arrival at the sports centre, the children were divided into four groups and introduced to the instructors for the different activities that had been planned. The children were so excited to find out that they would be taking part in rock climbing, archery, trampolining and dodgeball.

Rock climbing was a firm favourite with the children. They each had the chance to climb up two different walls, with a lot of children reaching the very top. What a fearless bunch!

IMG_3647 IMG_3646 IMG_3645 IMG_3641


The children also loved archery. The instructors showed them how to hold their bow and arrows properly and many children hit the target right in the centre!


The children were brought into a big hall to pay fun games like Dodgeball and Pacman. They also got the chance to show off their jumping skills on the huge trampolines.


After an action packed day, the children returned to school happy and exhausted! A great day was had by all.