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Kevin’s 3rd Class

September 2021

We have had a great beginning to the year! We have enjoyed meeting up with our old friends and welcoming some new members to our class too!

We are settling in really well and are enjoying the challenge of our 3rd class learning across all subjects. We have shown a particular flair for music and art in Kevin’s 3rd class and you can see for yourself in the photos attached here. As a class we have created our own rules to follow and have voted on our student council representatives for this year. Well done to Rose and Sam!

The video is our very first lesson using a brand new instrument to us called a ‘Boom whacker’. This is our version of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. We hope to learn lots more songs in the coming weeks.


In art we have drawn our own self-portraits and have created two beautiful paintings entitled ‘ Autumn Tree’ and ‘Rainy Day’. We hope you like them.

Our Earth Day Poster Competition

We created some fantastic posters to celebrate World Earth Day which happens on the 22nd of April each year. The winner of the poster competition is…..drum roll…… Harrison! Congratulations!

Well done to Ania too, who created an excellent earth day poster which helped inspire our window painting at the front of the school.

3rd Class Vikings!

We have been studying the Vikings in 3rd Class. We have learned about their origins and impact on Ireland. We also learned some interesting facts such as their love of brushing their hair!

Check out our wonderful artwork inspired by the Vikings. The travelled to Ireland from Scandinavia in Longships that looked similar to these. An important part of any Vikings armour was their shield. These designs are based on actual Viking designs found by archaeologists.

Spring Break: Design and Create competition

Well done to everyone who entered our 3rd Class ‘Design and Create’ competition. We have decided on some joint winners! Congratulations to Sean and Iarla from Kevin’s class. Their prizes are in the post! Check out their amazing creations here.





ESB Science Blast

In our first week back after the winter holidays we were visited by the ESB Science Blast team including scientist Phil. We discussed various scientific ideas, questions and interests together and narrowed these down to help us create a theme for our class project. We hope to display our work at the ESB Science Blast exhibition at the RDS in early March. Thanks to Clodagh’s Dad for his help in organising this visit.

The Stone Age

We recently made a visit to the National Museum of Archaeology on Kildare Street. We had an enjoyable time completing a treasure hunt where we found various artefacts from the Stone Age. We also looked at artefacts from the Bronze Age.

Parachute Party!

In 3rd class we had great fun designing and creating our parachutes. We tested them to see if they created air resistance on their journey from the balcony to ground level. We put a water balloon in each one and tested to see which parachutes carried the water balloon to the ground without it bursting!