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Exploring weight in Junior Infants

We have been learning about weight over the past two weeks. Today we got to use the balances ourselves in groups. We took two objects at a time. We then used our hands as balances to estimate which object was heavier. After that, we put the objects on to the balances to check our estimates. It was interesting to see if our estimates were correct. We learned that sometimes, while an object can be smaller than another, it is still the heavier one.

Toy Museums in Junior Infants

Last Friday, we each brought in one of our favourite soft toys. We displayed them like they were in a museum and children from the older classes came to see them. We told them about our toys and they asked us questions. It was really great to do an activity with the older children and our teachers were really proud of what good museum guides we were!

Junior Infants Disco

What a way to mark the end of our first term of Primary School in Ballinteer Educate Together! We had great fun singing and dancing at our disco in Tamasine’s room. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

We wish you all a lovely winter holiday and look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Michelle and Tamasine

Exploring Space in Michelle’s Junior Infants

We have been learning lots about planet earth in space over the last two weeks. We learned about the sun, moon and stars. We learned about the differences between day and night. We read some great books about these themes like “How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers, “Bringing Down the Moon” by Jonathan Emmet and “Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?” by Martin Waddell.

We made paintings of day skies and night skies to show the difference between the two.

We also read a really funny book called “Aliens Love Underpants”! This inspired us to make our own spaceships out of recycled materials and aliens out of playdough.

We had great fun exploring space during our morning activities. We had a Small World area where we played with toy rockets, spaceships, aliens and astronauts. We made spaceships and rockets in our Junk Art area. We made green playdough in class for our Playdough Area because we thought it would be a good colour for making aliens. We had a rocket ship Role Play area in our classroom and we even had some alien visitors! We also had a Construction area for making our own spacecrafts.

We have really enjoyed exploring this theme and have shown wonderful imagination and creativity.

Shaping Up in Michelle’s Junior Infants!

We have been learning all about 2-D shapes in Junior Infants. We went on a shape hunt around our building and found lots of examples of squares! We also made paper collage robots using the 2-D shapes we now know – the square, the rectangle, the circle and the triangle.