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Ballinteer Educate Together Masterpiece Challenge

We thought we would invite our school community to get involved in a fun challenge. Earlier in the year the Getty Museum challenged people to recreate famous pieces of art using everyday household objects (and people or pets). We thought we would try our own Ballinteer ETNS version of this challenge. 

So how will it work for our school’s Masterpiece Challenge?

  1. First choose a famous piece of art you would like to recreate. Inspiration could come from a famous painting, a sculpture, stone work, pottery… Take a look on some art gallery websites online and see what you can find!
  2. Look around your house and find household objects to use for your recreation. You can have people and pets in your recreation also.
  3. When you have created your masterpiece, send a photo of it, along with a picture of the original art, to info@ballinteeretns.ie.
  4. All masterpieces will then be hung here in our virtual gallery on our school website!

Have fun! We look forward to seeing your imaginative works of art!

Check out our wonderful masterpieces below!

6th Class Works of Art

6th Class have created some fabulous pieces of art this term. Have a look at some examples of our talent below!

Valentines Art
Food Chain Art

6th Class Walk to Airfield

As part of our local history and geography study this term, 6th Class decided to take a trip to Airfield Estate. We were very lucky with the weather and walked there and back. Along the way, we noted landmarks present in our local environment, with a view to sketching these landmarks on to a map of the area later on. When we reached Airfield, we had the chance to see the farm animals and to learn about the history of Airfield Estate itself. Any trip to Airfield would not be complete without a visit to the playground and so before we headed back to school, we enjoyed a game of ‘Build Up’ in the playground, which was lots of fun! We are so lucky to have this fantastic educational resource in our locality!

Climate Talk

Last week students from Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School came in to talk to 5th and 6th Classes about climate change. The students are all part of the Students’ Climate Action Network (SCAN) and came in to our school, along with their teacher and Climate Ambassador Sallie, to spread the word about how students can influence climate action in this country. It was an extremely interesting and eye-opening talk and our 5th and 6th class pupils made their own pledges to address climate change and went home feeling inspired and motivated to implement these changes. Thank you so much to the students from Stepaside ETSS for this wonderful opportunity to discuss and learn about such a relevant and important issue. You can check out all about SCAN at www.schoolsclimateaction.ie

Write-A-Book Project

4th, 5th and 6th Classes have created their own books, as part of the Write-A-Book Project, organised by Blackrock Education Centre. This annual event celebrates the talented writers in our school and gives the children the opportunity to experience the writing of children in other primary schools in Dublin. It is a fantastically inspiring event and all children have thoroughly enjoyed the process and have learned a great deal along the way!

Peace Proms 2020

On Sunday the 2nd of February the Ballinteer ETNS Senior Choir, consisting of members from 5th and 6th Classes, took part in the CBOI Peace Proms concert in the RDS, Dublin. This was a fantastic experience for the children, as they had the opportunity to sing a brilliant repertoire of songs together with over 2,500 other children from all over Ireland. The huge choir of schoolchildren was accompanied by the amazingly talented Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland, under the baton of renowned choral conductor Greg Beardsell. The children sang a varied programme of songs, including A Million Dreams, from The Greatest Showman, Brothers in Arms and a powerful medley of Queen songs. It was a night to remember. Read more about the Peace Proms and the wonderful work of the CBOI at the following link https://peaceproms.com/

Buddy Reading

Orlaith’s 6th Class and Katy’s 2nd Class have been sharing their love of books and reading by coming together regularly to do buddy reading. This has been a fantastic opportunity for both classes to develop literacy, social and leadership skills and the children have greatly enjoyed the experience. It is anticipated that these sessions will progress further and lead on to some collaborative creative writing experiences before the end of the school year!

Human Rights in 6th Class

We have been learning all about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also about the UN Charter of Children’s Rights. We decided to create our own Human Rights quilt to represent them. Doesn’t it look great?

Human Winter Trees

Sixth Class have been embracing the cold winter days and have been using their creativity and imaginations in many different areas of school life. In P.E., they tried a Human Winter Tree relay race. The object of the race was to decorate their team’s winter tree with as much P.E. equipment as possible, in the fastest time. There were also points awarded for creativity and collaboration! It was good fun and helped to keep us warm!

Write-A-Book Awards

The Write-A-Book Merit winners attended a prize giving ceremony last Monday the 1st of April in the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Killiney. It was a fantastic event, where the winners had the opportunity to meet authors from other schools and to celebrate their great achievement. Well done to all the pupils in Ballinteer ETNS who took part in the Write-A-Book project and a special congratulations to Noah, Cian, Maia, Lily, Belle and Alison!

A Visit from the Korean Embassy

Third Class welcomed visitors from the Korean embassy this week. We learned all about South Korea. We explored the culture and were given the opportunity to try on traditional clothes. We also learned about Korean food. We explored the meaning of the Korean flag and also practised some phrases in the Korean language. We even had a chance to play some Korean games. It was very informative and lots of fun!

Having a Hoot of a Time!

Tayto, the barn owl came to visit us last week. We learned all about the different types of owl in Ireland, their habitats and what they like to eat. Tayto’s visit inspired us to create fantastic owl fact files and beautiful chalk pastel owl drawings. Keep an eye out for our fantastic art work..It’s coming soon!


National Tree Day

We have been learning all about the importance of trees and also about the different types of trees there are in Ireland. Last Thursday we went on a ‘tree walk’ and challenged ourselves to identify and catagorize as many different types of trees that we could find. We are becoming experts at identifying trees by examining their leaves and berries.

Niall de Burca

Niall de Burca had us in stiches when he visited Ballinteer ETNS to tell us some stories. He has inspired us to become fantastic storytellers ourselves! Watch this space…There will surely be some masterpieces to follow!

Terrific Time in Third

As part of the maths curriculum, Third Class have been getting to grips with all aspects of the concept of time. We have been learning through active, hands – on, collaborative activities and have been having lots of fun in the process!

Super STEM in Third Class

We are having lots of fun exploring science, technology, engineering and maths in active and collaborative ways. We have been constructing towers using spaghetti, string and tape, creating the longest possible length from a paper plate and building paper plate baskets strong enough to hold an entire container of plastic teddy bears! Take a look at how busy we have been…

Space Week!

As part of Space week, we had a visit from a scientist from Astronomy Ireland. It was so interesting to learn many new things about Space and this visit inspired us to create our very own Space related projects. We presented our projects to the class in many different ways. We watched videos and Powerpoint presentations. Some people made fabulous models of the Solar System. We were encouraged to  explore many different aspects of Space and we all learned so much from each other! Take a look at examples of our wonderful projects below!



In addition to our Space projects, we also did fabulous ‘Falling Into Space’ art pieces. We learned about perspective and had great fun putting our new found artistic skills into practise!

Wonderful Writing in Third Class

We have been learning a lot this term in Third Class. We are becoming accomplished writers and are learning about all the different writing genres. We have published Student Council speeches, fact files about whales and many creative writing pieces including a spooky story and an imaginative piece about our very own alien! We are also developing our creative writing skills in Irish. Have a look at some of the wonderful pieces of writing we have done.


A Spring Walk to Airfield

First Class walked to Airfield Farm last week. We had a fabulous time. We saw lots of animals, including horses and a foal, sheep, goats and chickens. We saw a cow being milked and came across a great collection of vintage cars. We had a wonderful walk there and back, noticing many beautiful signs of spring along the way. We noticed lovely daffodils growing in a nearby garden and other spring flowers starting to bloom. Before we returned to school, we had a very enjoyable time in the playground at Airfield. We even got to have a go on the zip line!

Active Athletes in First Class

We love being active in First Class! We have been doing a lot of athletics this term, as part of our P.E. lessons. We have been learning the right technique for running, sprinting and for hurdling. We have been learning how to work together in teams, participating in various types of relay races and we have been working on our reaction sprints. Athletics is so much fun! We have especially enjoyed our athletics stations, where we have been working on our coordination skills whilst learning how to hula hoop and we have been putting all our newly learned athletics techniques to good use as we run, skip and jump through the other stations. Take a look at how active are!

First Class are out of this world!

This month First Class have been exploring space and the solar system. We have learned so many interesting facts about space and have used our imaginations to become astronauts and to have our own space adventures along the way! We wrote fantastic pieces about the Solar System and about space travel. We created beautiful wax resist paintings of the Solar System and gorgeous chalk pastel drawings of the Northern Lights. 

Catching Snowflakes

Winter is well and truly here and this month in First Class we have been embracing the cold and using it to fuel our creativity! We created fantastic oil pastel drawings of children wrapped up in winter clothes, catching snowflakes on their tongues. We got the inspiration for this artwork from the poem ‘Winter Morning Poem’ by Ogden Nash:

Winter is the king of showmen

Turning tree stumps into snow men

And houses into birthday cakes

And spreading sugar over lakes

Smooth and clean and frosty white

The world looks good enough to bite

That’s the season to be young

Catching snowflakes on your tongue

Snow is snowy when it’s snowing

I’m sorry it’s slushy when it’s going



We also wrote some wonderfully imaginative stories about a snowman, inspired by the story ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs.

Take a look at our creative writing below!

Arctic and Antarctic Animals

We have been learning all about the Arctic and the Antarctic this month in First Class. The weather has turned cold here in Ireland but we discovered that it is considerably colder all year round in these Polar regions! We took a look at some of the animals who live in both the Arctic and in Antarctica. We wrote wonderful reports about these animals and also produced fantastic artwork to represent these animals. Both First Classes created gorgeous polar animal sculptures out of clay and we also made 3D penguins using oil pastels. Take a look at our wonderfully cute animals below!


Winter Festivals in First Class

During the month of December, as part of our ethical education, we learned all about some important winter festivals which are celebrated both here in Ireland and in other parts of the world. We focused in particular on the festivals of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas. We completed many activities based around these festivals.

As a follow up to everything we learned about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, we wrote beautiful Hanukkah acrostic poetry and painted colourful candles in art.


Kwanzaa is a secular festival, which honours African heritage in African -American culture. We made impressive collage pictures of the Kinara, which is the special candle holder used to represent the seven core principles of Kwanzaa. These principles are Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Kuumba (Creativity) and Imani (Faith).




As part of our discussion of the festival of Christmas, we focused on some creative writing. We based this around a wonderful story we read by the author Dr. Seuss. The story was entitled ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.’ We discussed the Grinch, the main character in the story and came up with many ideas about why he was so grumpy and why he didn’t like the festival of Christmas. We brainstormed ways in which we could cheer him up and then wrote about this. Take a look at the wonderful work we produced. We are very proud of our grumpy Grinch pictures!



December Maths Stations

For the month of December we focused on math word problems during our math stations. We are becoming so good at breaking word problems up into smaller chunks and using pictures and discussion to solve them! We have loved working together for this problem solving and we are finding out that we are becoming really excellent at listening and cooperating in our stations.

Perfectly Pretty Pumpkins!

pumpkins-1 pumpkins-3 pumpkins-5 pumpkins-7 pumpkins-8 pumpkins-9 pumpkins-10 pumpkins6We were inspired by the wonderful pumpkins grown in our very own school vegetable patch and decided to have a go at creating our own pumpkin pictures. Look at the fantastic still life drawings we have produced. We used oil pastels to really make the autumn colours stand out. We are so proud of our positively perfect pumpkins!!

Maths Fun in First Class










We have been having a lot of fun with maths so far this term! We have been solving problems and working together to figure out the properties of big numbers! We have had great fun working in maths stations, completing loads of fun activities and creating exciting games with number. Our skills are really improving and we are becoming confident mathematicians!


Take a look at how busy we have been! math-is-fun-first-class-6 math-is-fun-first-class-3 math-is-fun-first-class-4 math-is-fun-first-class-5 math-is-fun-first-class-1

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