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4th Class go to Airfield

We went to Airfield on a self-guided walk and saw the Jersey cows producing milk. The milk came out of the cows udders. There are two ways of milking, by hand or by machine. Sophie and Seán

The fact that there were 24 hens in the small space amazed us and we thought it was cool that the colour of their ears is the same as the eggs that they lay. Liam and Orest

Near the walled gardens we saw a yew tree. Yew trees have poisonous leaves if eaten raw but can be made into medicine that treats cancer. Lily and Alex

We were able to see how the gardeners make rhubarb taste sweeter and grow longer. It is done by the Airfield farmers, it’s called Rhubarb Forcing. They put a special black cover over it. It works because the rhubarb grows towards the light at the top. Rían and Stefan

In Airfield, we also saw the huge Sequoia (Giant Redwood) tree. The tree was humongous, in fact it is the biggest tree in Airfield. It is the biggest species of tree in the world. Zach, Jacob, Finn and Jason

On the trip to Airfield we tasted fresh milk from the cows. It was delicious, creamy and had bits of fat in it. It had been pasteurised before we tasted it which means that it had been heated and cooled quickly to kill some of the bacteria. Conan and Mindaugas

The trip to Airfield included going on a silent nature walk. We walked over a wooden bridge going across a pond. We stopped in the middle of the bridge and closed our eyes to listen to nature’s sounds other than the traffic and noise in the distance. Divisha, Eva and Lola

We saw tropical plants under a piece of plastic which kept the heat in. There were different sized plants, some were cactii. Patrick and Shane

Some of the animals on our trip today were young. We saw piglets resting, calves playing and we also saw many fully grown animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and cows. We had lots of fun in Airfield. Freya and Rijin

There were some brussel sprouts growing. They grow on a tall green plant with a lettuce shaped top. On the stem of the plant, there were little green brussel sprouts. Lola, Eva, Divisha

Near the end of a lovely walk we got to play in a playground. We all went on the zipline. The animals and farms were beautiful and we all had a great time. Anna and Katie

As the Winter set in we did “10 at 10”, ten minutes exercise at ten to ten, on wet days. (That’s a lot of counting by 10.)

Self Portraits

Developing the skill of observation and drawing.

“Every child is an artist”


Space Theme

“Oh the places you will go!”

Dr Seuss

1st Class Term 1 Maths Activities

In term 1 we explored 2D shape, number patterns, ordinal number and fractions. We learned about these new concepts and developed our Maths skills in lots of fun ways.

2D shape
Number patterns

Writers’ Corner

Look at this fantastic writing from one of our students in Ciara’s class. The next JK Rowling or Roald Dahl?

The Write-a-Book Project is coming soon. Why not spend some time over the break developing your story ideas?

Infant Disco


Not to be left out of Thursday night’s Winter Disco fun, our children from Junior and Senior Infants had their own disco on Friday, 20th December. DJ Rob (Katie and Georgia’s dad) got the party started and the children had a fantastic time breaking out their moves to celebrate the end of term!

Winter Solstice Celebration

Each of the children created a beautiful lantern to add to our light spiral in celebration of the Winter Solstice. The whole school gathered to walk the spiral, sing songs about winter and to learn about the upcoming solstice.

Thank you to Caroline, Elaine and all our parents and teachers who worked so hard to bring this celebration to life (and light!)

Human Winter Trees

Sixth Class have been embracing the cold winter days and have been using their creativity and imaginations in many different areas of school life. In P.E., they tried a Human Winter Tree relay race. The object of the race was to decorate their team’s winter tree with as much P.E. equipment as possible, in the fastest time. There were also points awarded for creativity and collaboration! It was good fun and helped to keep us warm!

Our School Timeline

Our new home coming to life

James, teacher Laura’s dad came in to help us to bring our new lobby space to life. Our PTA funded James’ work to fill every corner with beautiful planting. Children in each class have taken on the responsibility of watering and caring for the plants. Thank you James and the PTA!

Playworks Returns

Playworks is back! Playworks aims to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be active and engaged during their yard breaks. Everyday our volunteers from 4th and 5th Class set up and run our Playworks stations in the yard. Yard equipment including skipping ropes, netball games, tennis rackets and balls and stomper pots are available in the Playworks section and the racing and skipping games stations are always very popular.

In the coming weeks, we will look to add new stations and equipment to the Playworks yard programme. Thank you to Tamasine and our tireless Playworks volunteers who give of their time every day to make our yard so much fun!

A trip to Facebook

Some of 4th Class visited the European Headquarters of Facebook a few weeks ago. This was organised by Susan, an aunt of Alex in 4th and Dougie in 5th. The journey to the city centre and swapping trams on the Luas was different than a regular school day! We walked across the Liffey noting historical sites and buildings and then we arrived at the headquarters which seemed like a very secure building, more like an airport! We saw what the inside of a technology company looks like for the employees and it seemed like the staff enjoy all of the perks that the job comes with. We also learned about the very high number of active users of Facebook there are in the world which is approximately 2.5 billion. That means that one third of the worlds population log on to Facebook most days. It led to interesting discussions!

UCD’s Science Outreach

Aongus’ 4th Class were lucky enough to visit the UCD Science Department last week as part of the college’s outreach programme. The children got a tour of the UCD campus getting to see in to lecture halls, tutorial rooms and the different types of laboratories there. After the tour the children took part in a lecture especially prepared for them about ‘The Eye’. We got to do different experiments where we were trying to find our blind spot and find out some quirky features of our eyes. Interestingly, the staff at the college use Zebra Fish to find out more about human eyes. Because of that the children experienced working with pipettes and petri dishes to move around the tiny Zebra Fish. They also got to see close-up images of tiny shrimp through a microscope. We would like to thank Alex’s mother Imelda for helping to organise this trip.

Science Week in 4th Class – Brickz4Kidz

During Science week and in the week after it, the children in 4th Class had lots of opportunities to learn through science and technology. One of those opportunities was when both classes took a trip to the Mill Theatre to take part in a Bricks4Kidz workshop during which all enjoyed making and adapting robots. Here are some photos from that trip.

Skipathon 2019

Welcome to B.E.T.N.S. Skipathon 2019!  From the photos you can see just how much fun we had last Friday whilst at the same time keeping ourselves fit and healthy.  We all had a good go at skipping and in Aongus’s class they even carried this fun on into their Numeracy lesson, where they used their Maths skills to calculate their total number of skips.  Their final score was an amazing 30823 skips in just half an hour!

Thank you so much to everyone who generously donated towards our sports fund and supported the children. We have raised over €3500 which is going towards a six week block of gymnastics lessons for all classes and our Sports for All Week in the last term.

Watch this space for photos of the gymnastics in the new year and remember to, keep skipping!

After-School Activities Term 1

Our first term of After-School Activities is coming to an end. We hope that the children have enjoyed participating in all the activities; soccer, chess, yoga, ukelele, art, science, book club, multi-sport, mindful drawing and colouring, lego club, tennis and drama. Please see below the dates of the last session for each group.

Our coming term of After-School Activities will commence at the end of January. Information about activities and sign up will follow after the winter break.

Junior Einsteins Science will take place every Friday in school for a 12-week term commencing on 10th January. Places for Junior Einsteins Science in Term 2 will be filled on a first come first served basis through the company’s own sign up link. Please look out for an email from Órla coming soon with the sign up details.

Drama: Monday, 18th November

Art: Tuesday, 19th November

 Lego: Tuesday, 19th November

Multi-sport: Tuesday, 19th November

Movie Book Club: Tuesday, 19th November

Ukelele: Tuesday, 26th November

Tennis: Wednesday, 27th November

Soccer (3rd/ 4th): Wednesday, 4th December

Chess: Wednesday, 4th December

Science with Ann: Thursday, 21st November

Drawing and mindful colouring: Thursday, 28th November (no class on 21st November)

Yoga: Thursday, 21st November

Soccer (5th/ 6th): Thursday, 21st November

Junior Einsteins: Friday, 13th December

ESB Scribble Bots for Science Week

Clodagh and Nessa’s dad organised for a very special visit to 2nd and 3rd classes from the ESB Scribble Bots! We had a great time learning about how to make our own scribble bots using a motor and we even got to take our bots home with us. Thank you to Joey and Niamh and all the team from ESB for visiting us during Science Week. We can’t wait to learn more about electric circuits.

Science Week 2019

Órla had some very happy visitors from First Class sharing their preparations for Science Week in November. First Class have taken on the theme of Space this year. Look at this incredible space helmet that one of our students made at home!

Autumn Owls

Using multi-coloured Autumn leaves collected around the school and from home we each made an owl collage in 4th Class. First, we practised sketching owls with pencil and then we decided on a final outline. Afterwards, we used glue and leaves to fill in the owl shape. During the art activity we learned about photosynthesis, why leaves are green and why they lose their leaves at this time of year.

Germinating Acorns

During October, 4th Class went for a short nature walk around our school and collected some acorns. We tested the acorns in some water to see if they were healthy by doing a ‘Float Test’. We have now planted them and we hope to keep the conditions suitable for germination over the next few months. We might get to take home an oak seedling in 2020.

World Book Day

Yvonne’s Senior Infants

On the 25th of October Senior Infants dressed up as their favourite book characters. We had great fun discussing our favourite books and characters!

Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh!

Happy Hallowe’en to all. We saw out Book Week with our ever-popular Dress-up day on Friday, 25th October. Lots of our favourite book characters visited us (with a few ghosts and goblins joining in the fun too!).

Costume Drop ‘n Swap

Costumes looking for new home!

Our school lobby is festooned with costumes looking for new homes!

This year, we are inviting parents to drop off any pre-loved costumes in the school lobby outside the book fair. There you are welcome to choose some costumes to take home with you! Donations are welcome but not necessary. Please don’t be shy – every costume deserves another day in the sun (or night trick-or-treating!) We hope that our costume drop n’ swap will support our school community in reducing waste.

Book Week 2019

We are excited to welcome back the Scholastic Book Fair for our annual Book Week. The book fair is taking place in the school hall all week and is open to parents every day at the drop-off and collection times (8.15-8.35, 12.50 – 1.10, 1.50 – 2.10). The children have been enjoying visiting the fair with their teachers.

This Friday, 25th October is our annual dress-up day. A collection of pre-loved costumes are available for our ‘Drop ‘n Swap’ in the school lobby. We welcome all costume donations and invite you to come and take a costume or two. Thank you to our PTA for organising the Drop n’ Swap.

We have already had an amazing response to the Bags2school clothing drive. All donations will be accepted until this Thursday, 24th October and can be left with school staff at the doors at drop-off and collection times.

‘Everyone Counts’ – UCD – 4th Class

This morning we had our first visit from the ‘Everyone Counts’ team.

We had Sorcha, the programme co-coordinator from UCD, Sharon who is a designer from the National College of Art & Design and Aoife a Mathematician and Astrophysicist visit our classroom.

Today was mostly about introductions and the children filled in a questionnaire for the team. They also answered some maths problems. Next week, we will start investigating some other, more interesting maths problems. We are excited about the upcoming sessions over the coming months.

Violin in 4th Class

4th Class have begun their violin lessons with Elizabeth from Music Generation. They have been paying very close attention during the lessons so far and have been learning to play notes as well as how to handle the violins correctly.

Generous donation from Churchtown Residents

The Churchtown Residents Association has generously donated €500 to the Students Council fund raising effort for our new school library! Vincent, Helen and Gerry visited us today and presented our Third Class Students Council representatives with a cheque to help us to furnish and stock our library for the coming year. The children learned about the work of the Residents Association and were able to tell our visitors all about the Student Councils’ plans for our new library. Fund raising will continue with all donations from this Friday’s Pyjama Day also going to the library fund.
We are very grateful to the Churchtown Residents Association for supporting our school. We can’t wait to share photos with them of our new school library in the coming school year.

Members of Churchtown Residents Association presenting a cheque to representatives of the Students Council.

Coffee Machine Mechanics

Across the school we have been taking some barista lessons. Our classes have looked at various coffee machines and decided to draw some plans and making our own specially designed coffee machines. We have designed machines with built in cream frothers, milk jugs and double coffee cup holders. The children invented so many wonderful coffee machines it is exciting to see what happens when we put our minds to it.

Drawing the plans.

The baristas in action in Costa Ballinteer.

Spring Ceremony 2019

Photos and videos of our wonderful Spring Ceremony. Thank you to all our parents who came to work in our classrooms this week to make this project happen.

Write-A-Book Awards

The Write-A-Book Merit winners attended a prize giving ceremony last Monday the 1st of April in the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Killiney. It was a fantastic event, where the winners had the opportunity to meet authors from other schools and to celebrate their great achievement. Well done to all the pupils in Ballinteer ETNS who took part in the Write-A-Book project and a special congratulations to Noah, Cian, Maia, Lily, Belle and Alison!

Music Generation

Katy’s Third Class

Second and Third Class were visited by a string quartet in April. This is part of our involvement in the Music Generations Programme.

The aim of Music Generations is to provide access to high-quality, subsidised and sustainable performance music education for children and young people in Ireland. Initiated by Music Network, Music Generation is co-funded by U2, The Ireland Funds, the Department of Education and Skills and Local Music Education Partnerships.

As part of our involvement in Music Generations, our Infant classes are taking part in The Early Years Primary programme with experienced music educator, Eimear Lacey. Eimear will visit each class weekly to lead them in a fun-filled, movement and song based programme, with an emphasis on child-led group music-making through play within the classroom. This Orff style approach encourages the use of percussion instruments, improvisation and movement to music. 

Percussion, string and voice workshops are being organised for some of our other classes in the coming term.

Ceilí Mór

As part of our Coicís na Gaeilge, all the classes learned an Irish ceili dance and performed them for the whole school!

Infants learned ‘Shoe the Donkey’

First and Second learned ‘Ballaí Luimní’,

Third, Fourth and Fifth learned ‘Ionsaí na hInse’

As well as learning a dance, each class performed a poem (dán) or song (amhráin) or both for the whole school to enjoy.

Assembly as Gaeilge

Last Friday, our school gathered in the Churchtown Hall and our principal Orla led us in an all Irish assembly. We learned some songs as Gaelige and we celebrated the last day of a very enjoyable Coicís na Gaeilge. We even began to learn our national anthem ‘Amhráin na bhFiann’!

The winners of the write a book were honored in front of the school alongside our winners of the Credit Union Table Quiz.

Our first to fifth class listening intently!
Congratulations for our credit union quiz winners!

Anti-Bullying Talk

7th March 2019

Thank you to all our parents who joined us at the National Parents Council of Ireland Anti-Bullying Talk yesterday evening. It was a fantastic turn out and speaks to the commitment of our school community to ensure that our children are happy and safe in school.

If you have any questions or concerns about bullying please do not hesitate to talk with your child’s class teacher or with Órla or Muireann.

Our review of the school’s Anti-Bullying Policy will conclude next week and will then be available on the school website. Further information and support can also be found at www.tacklebullying.ie. The National Parents Council operates a helpline at 01 8874477 or helpline@npc.ie.

All Ireland Finalists!

The Ballinteer Educate Together team have advanced to the All Ireland Final of the Credit Union Table Quiz!

Our ‘Red Team’ of students from Fourth and Fifth Class came first in the Chapter Division Final on 3rd March to earn their place in the final. They will join teams from all around the country in the RDS on 7th April.

The Ballinteer Educate Together were very impressive at the Chapter Division finals and won individual prizes as well as €200 for our school. We could not be prouder of their achievement!

Wellness Week

From the 21st to 25th of January, we organised a ‘Wellness Week’ in school. During this week, all classes made an extra effort to include activities which promote positive mental health and well-being. These activities included daily meditation, nature walks, mindful eating, mindful colouring and lots of discussions about our emotions and how to deal with them.

Jen, one of our support teachers, has just completed a course in children’s yoga and kindly offered to take each class for a yoga session. This was a huge hit with all the children.

We also had lots of parent volunteers who came to give talks on the areas of wellness that they specialise in.

Our first visit was from Claire, who works with essential oils and teaches people how to use them to support their emotional and physical health. Geraldine is in her 2nd year of Masters at UCD, studying Mindfulness Based Interventions, at the School of Psychology and she came in to do a ‘Mindfullness’ talk with both the senior classes and the junior classes.

Sally is a nutritionist and she came in to talk to some of the classes about the importance of food for keeping us healthy and giving us energy.

Michal has been practising Tibetan Buddhism for last 13 years and he came in to share his knowledge on the benefits of meditation.

Sara is a psychologist and she came in to talk to the junior and seniors infants about worries and how to deal with them.

And finally, Mischa and Caroline visited 2nd class to work on a project called ‘Song of our School’. This project included a walk around school in which the children were encouraged to stop and listen to all the sounds around them. They are now in the process of using these sounds to come up with a unique composition.

Student Council Donation to Laura Lynn

In December, our student council organised and ran a very successful bake sale. The council voted to share 45% of the money raised with the Laura Lynn foundation. One of our teachers volunteers with them, and after hearing this, our fifth class representatives suggested we donate the money to them. LauraLynn is a children’s hospice, and do some amazing work to help support children who are unfortunately very ill.

You can find out more information on the amazing work that LauraLynn do by clicking here : https://lauralynn.ie/

Earlier this week, three representatives from our Student Council visited Laura Lynn to present them with our donation. They were extremely grateful and told us that they could not keep doing the work they do without the generosity of people like our school community.

Book Fair – WOW!

December Drive for Focus Ireland



Thank you to all for families for donating so generously to the December Drive for Focus Ireland. Over twenty boxes of useful items were donated for families experiencing homelessness this winter. Thank you to Lisa (Rory’s mum) for squeezing this all in to your car for the trip to Focus Ireland!

During December Ballinteer Educate Together would like to support the work of Focus Ireland. We will be asking for donations of useful new items from each class that the school will then donate to Focus Ireland to support families experiencing homelessness in Ireland this winter.


At this time of year, Focus Ireland is also looking for donations of vouchers for supermarkets and toy shops. This is so that families living in emergency accommodation can buy their own toys, gifts and clothes for their children. By doing this it empowers families to make decisions for themselves and gives them choice.


The children will be learning about the themes of homes and homelessness in their Ethical Education lessons. Fifth Class will lead our December assembly to share all that they have learned.


Children can leave all donations in the box in their classroom.


Welcome to our Art Exhibition

Thank you to all our families who came to help us celebrate our first Art Exhibition on November 27th. The turn out was phenomenal and made it an evening to remember!

Thank you also to our students whose beautiful art work was so enjoyed by everyone.







5th Class Ancient Greece STEM Challenge

Throughout the month of October 5th class were learning all about Ancient Greece. As part of this they took part in a STEM challenge, the aim of which was to design and create either an Ancient Greek chariot or an Ancient Greek catapult. The children worked really hard designing and choosing the best materials. We put their finished products to the test to see which catapult could launch something the furthest and which chariot could actually travel along a flat surface. We had great fun!

Video : Firing Rockets for Space Week!

This week is Science week in Ballinteer ETNS and our topic is SPACE! We were so lucky to have Justin (Eliza’s dad) come into us and demonstrate how a rocket launches. Each class gathered on the astro turf and were delighted to see the rocket shoot up high into the sky. Thank you so much to Justin who made the beginning of our Science Week extremely memorable! You can even re watch it the rocket launch on the video below.




Today in 4th Class we had a very informative presentation from Swara about the Hindu and Indian festival of Diwali. Swara described the five days of celebration in great detail and she was a very confident speaker as she presented. The class then got to ask questions about the The Festival of Light and colour in a diva.

PE in Ballinteer Educate Together

Three classes making full use of the dry weather and astroturf facilities! Can you spot Laura’s Second Class, Aoife’s Fourth Class and Aongus’ Fourth Class enjoying their PE lessons?

Ballinteer Educate Together Art Exhibition 2018

Ballinteer Educate Together would like to invite our parents and families to our first Art Exhibition! The exhibition will take place on Tuesday, 27th November in the Notre Dame school hall with framed artwork from every child in the school from Junior Infants to Fifth Class on display.

The children’s masterpieces (and framed prints) will be available to buy and would make wonderful presents for all the family for the season that is nearly upon us! This year we hope to use the money raised to fund the purchase of additional maths and music equipment for the school so your support would be greatly appreciated.

The PTA are already planning to make this an evening to remember and an opportunity for our parents and families to meet and celebrate our talented students after all the hard work of the first term. We hope to see you there!





DNA Extraction in 4th Class

4th Class were very lucky this week when they each got to learn about and extract the DNA of a banana! 8 scientists from Cell Explorers, a UCD organised initiative, visited the classrooms and turned them into a Science Lab for the day. The children used pipettes, test tubes, ethanol and liquid detergent to extract the DNA using a very specific scientific method aided by the volunteers. A very enjoyable science session was had and a big thanks to Aoife who organised this visit!

Ballinteer’s Book Fair is Back!

The Book Fair will open every day from Monday to Thursday this week at drop-off and collection times for parents. The last opening will be on Friday morning. Enter by the Finsbury Gate and follow the signs. Come, browse and buy! Every year the fair raises much needed funds for new books in our school. Please come and support us.

The children will be visiting the fair with their teachers throughout the week. More photos of the fun at the fair to follow.



The new Student Council!

For the past few weeks, students from First to Fifth Class have been on the campaign trail! We held elections in each class to vote in two representatives from each class to join this years student council. All of the students who participated must be commended and the school walls were filled with campaign posters alongside excellent ideas for improving our school!


On Friday , the newly elected representatives from each class met for the very first time, shared their ideas and decided among themselves what to prioritise. Already the student council will be writing a letter filled with ideas to the PTA, to the staff in our school on the yard committee and they also have a few pressing questions for our principal Orla!

Jessica and Muireann, the teacher facilitators, would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new student council and we can’t wait for an excellent year ahead!




Futsal Tournament


Today, some of the 4th Class students were lucky enough to take part in a Futsal tournament organised by the Football Association of Ireland. Our students were commended for their sporting behaviour on the field and and they definitely had a lot of fun! Thanks to our support teacher Nathalie and our volunteer Brian for helping making the day happen.

Niall De Burca

On the 27th of September, we were super lucky to have the story teller Niall De Burca come to visit. The children absolutely loved it and didn’t stop laughing from start to finish. Here are some photos of the Junior Infants and Senior Infants listening to Niall.


Physical Features of Ireland Projects





5th Class are off to a great start this year. They have worked har d over the past number of weeks learning about the mountains, rivers and lakes of Ireland. They worked in pairs to create and present projects on a physical feature of Ireland, taking a trip to Dundrum Library and using books and iPads to gather interesting information and pictures to include in their projects. I was one proud teacher!


Sports Day 2018

We had an absolutely fantastic Sports Day on the 27th of June. The sun was shining, we had some great volunteers and the children took part in all the activities with great energy and enthusiasm.  We had a range of fun activities throughout the day. Brian and Ciaran from Gracie Barra Dublin, who run a Ju Jitzu afterschool, gave each class a crash course in the popular martial art. The children got their groove on in Sarah’s Zumba class, which was a huge hit. And, as always, the station activities were a massive success with the help of our fantastic volunteers. Aongus organised a ‘teachers versus 4th class’ game of dodgeball. Everyone got very competitive and the teachers came out on top. Of course, we finished the day with a well-deserved ice-cream. Thanks to all of the volunteers and staff for making it a great day! Ciara



Yellow Day – The Longest Day!

An organisation called the Dublin Simon Community got in touch with 4th Class to ask if they would help fundraise for them on the summer solstice, the 21st of June. They help homeless people access services they need in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath. They picked the 21st of June because it is the longest day of the year and a day that homeless people can find difficult.

Simon gave us some sunglasses to sell. It cost Simon €2 to make each pair so if we sold them for more than that, Simon would get that profit. We thought about it and decided together to sell them for €3.99 each. So the 4th Class students went to the different classes to market the glasses and explain when they would be sold. Maggie from 4th Class got the idea that on the summer solstice we could all wear yellow because of the glasses and the solstice. We sold the glasses in all of the different classrooms and on the 21st of June nearly the whole school wore yellow and the glasses. All in all it was a great and kind thing to do.

A group of parents who organised the religion classes in our school decided to donate €140 to our collection. We’d like to say a big thank you to them!

In total we raised €1210, so after the cost of making the sunglasses is taken out, Dublin Simon will have €730 to put to good use with homeless people.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported us!

Mariam, Georgia and Aongus

Thirteen medals for Ballinteer ETNS Athletics

On Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd of May, athletes from our school travelled to the Cuman na mBunscoil Athletics Competition in Santry. The children from 3rd and 4th Class have been training hard for the past few weeks and we had competitors is a variety of categories.

We are so proud of our team of athletes, who, through sheer determination, won 13 medals for the school. All medals were richly deserved and the winning athletes had to pass through qualifying heats before competing in finals in their respective categories, they really persevered.



We are so proud of the dedication, good spirit, fair play, teamwork and support shown by all of the competitors and their 4th Class supporters. We would like to especially thank Aongus, who organised and trained the teams.

A huge congratulations to all!!

We competed in :

  • U11 Boys Hurdles : Franko (4th)
  • U11 Girls Hurdles: Julia (4th)
  • U10s Girls Long Distance 600m: Katie (3rd)*
  • U10s Boys Long Distance 600m: Joseph (4th)
  • U10s Girls Sprint: Katie (3rd)*
  • U10s Boys Sprint: Mark (4th)*
  • U11s Boys Sprint : Franko (4th)            
  • U11 Girls Sprint : Anca (4th)
  • U10s Girls Relay : Maia, Erica, Mariam, Maggie, Katie (4th) *
  • U10s Boys Relay : Michael, Raveesh, Conrad, Luke, Mark (3rd)*
  • U11s Girls Relay : Carla, Hailey, Aimee, Georgia, Anca (4th)
  • U11s Boys Relay : Joseph, Kuba, Liam, Daniel, Franko (4th)

* medal winners






Playworks is Back

This month, we have reintroduce the Playworks programme on the yard. Playworks is a form of structured play in which some children from 3rd and 4th class act as coaches and organise games for the other children to take part in. The games running at the moment are circle dodgeball, bandaid tag and hot potato. So far, the coaches are doing a fantastic job and the children are really enjoying it.

The Buddy Bench Programme

In February, we were very lucky to have a visit from two psychotherapists Judith and Michelle, who came in to teach us about the Buddy Bench Programme.  The Buddy Bench Programme is a primary school-based, child-led and positive mental health programme that empowers children to foster friendships and illuminates loneliness in the yard. The aim of the programme is to help the children become more aware of others and enable them to practice kindness and empathy. The Buddy Bench motto is ‘”Look Up, Look Around and Look Out For Each Other’. Judith and Michelle brought along two Buddy Benches for us to keep, both made by the Men’s Shed.

After the visit, all classes came up with some ideas and designs for the Buddy Benches. These were collected by the Student Council who looked through them all and finalised the design. It was also the responsibility of the Student Council to paint the benches.

Soon, the beautifully decorated benches will be out on the yard. The children will be encouraged to monitor the benches for anyone who may be feeling sad or lonely and to offer them kindness and friendship.  We know the children will really embrace this new initiative.


Seachtain na Gaeilge agus Lá Glas

The students have had a great time celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge this year. We have been making a special effort to speak as Gaeilge as much as possible over the past fortnight. The classes have all learned lots of Irish songs and poems. Sarah has been teaching all of the classes some céilí dances and the children have really enjoyed it. To end Seachtain na Gaeilge, we celebrated with a Lá Glas. The children dressed up in green clothes and we had a céilí and ceoilchoirm in the hall. Each of the classes performed a song or poem that they had been learning. Junior infants, Senior Infants and First Class performed the traditional céilí dance ‘Shoe the Donkey’. Second class danced to the Walls of Limerick and our Third and Fourth classes danced to the Seige of Ennis. We had some amazing Irish dancing performances by Lily, Maja, Alisa and Eva from Second Class. We were wowed by the musical prowess of some of our Fourth Class students. Joseph played the banjo, Kian played the violin and Carla played the flute. Bhí craic agus ceol againn!!

School to reopen Monday 5th March

The school will reopen tomorrow following last weeks storm. The grounds and surrounding main roads are clear, the pathways remain snowy so please take care when walking to and from the school gates. We hope you all enjoyed the snow !

News 2day

Third Class were delighted when Zainab from News2day, the RTE News station for children, got in touch with them and asked them to showcase all the fabulous work they were doing for Chinese New Year!

Micheal and Zainab came in to film and interview them with cameras and microphones, and it was so exciting.

Third class, along with the rest of the school, learned poems and songs and stories about Chinese New Year, along with creating some beautiful art work!


You can watch our fabulous third class on the news  by clicking on the link below.




Sensory Room

We are delighted to announce that the new equipment for our sensory room has arrived! We have ordered balancing boards, a cosy cave, fun lights, texture blocks, balance beams, Threading Beads, Swirl Balls, Chunky Shapes, Linkits, Active Rainmaker, Simple Slider and Tangle.

When we add this to our yoga and balance balls, bean bag mats and projector lights – our sensory room is changing into the calm and transformative space that will be of such benefit to all of our students.

A sensory room is a designated space containing lots of sensory stimuli, including light, object, colour and texture. Sensory rooms are excellent for children with any type of sensory need, and act as a safe space where children can come to help restore calm. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the PTA for their fundraising effort for the sensory room. It has had a positive impact on so many of our children with additional needs, who are finding it much easier to remain alert, calm and attentive in class, and equally for their peers who also benefit from a calmer learning environment.

The Sam Maguire came to visit

On Monday 18th December, we were delighted to welcome Donal, our esteemed GAA coach from the Dublin team, to our school for our assembly. They brought with them the Sam Maguire cup, which Dublin won in the All Ireland Final in September.

We all dressed in blue and made headbands and flags for their arrival. We learned Molly Malone and sang this for the players. Aongus then invited up a number of children to ask the players questions about thier sport, the cup and their training. We were delighted to see the Sam Maguire Cup!


Book Character Dress Up day!

To celebrate the end of our book fair, and our mid term break, the children are invited to dress up and come into school as any character from any book.

We had some excellent costumes this year! We had a Mr. Twit, with all the food stuck in his beard, we had Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the whole cast of characters from Harry Potter, ranging from the dementors to Professor Lupin.

We saw the BFG, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Billionaire Boy and Matilda, Diary of a wimpy kid and many many more.

There were even a few adult sized Where’s Wallys. I wonder did you see any?!






On Friday. October 27th, our school gathered together in the hall for our very first assembly. Junior Infants sang us a song they have been learning called ‘Five Little Pumpkins’ and First Class sang ‘Winnie the Witch’.

It was great to gather together and to see our whole school in the one place. The children were excited to see their siblings and the other children with their excellent and creative costumes.


Student Council

On Thursday, October 10th, our very first elected student council met. We would like to offer our huge congratulations to the two children, one boy and one girl, from each class who were elected by their peers to represent them. Student council elections took place in all classes from first to fourth throughout the week. We had speeches, campaign promises, and our fourth class even elected their representatives using proportional representation!


Our first meeting saw the creation of a five point plan, filled with ideas that this first student council would like to achieve over the coming year. After much sharing of ideas and discussion, the council settled on the following 5 items.

This year, the council would like to :

  1. Fundraise
  2. Improve the yard
  3. Organise fun classroom activities
  4. Help other children
  5. Work with adults to bring about positive change



A virtual photo tour of our new school

We are delighted to be able to showcase our beautiful, newly refurbished, spacious, clean and bright classrooms that will be the home of many happy experiences and memories over the next school year.

You will be able to see your child’s classroom during the parents  meeting at the end of this month. Until then, here is a preview of each of the classrooms – not forgetting our huge astroturf!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped us get our classrooms organised and ready for a calm and successful start of the term.


Sports Day 2017

We were very lucky to have a lovely sunny day for our Sports Day, on Friday the 2nd of June. The children had a super fun and action packed day.

We split the classes into different teams for the stations activities which included an obstacle course, races, a football shootout and parachute games.