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The 1916 Rising with 6th Class

Muireann’s Sixth Class have been learning all about the 1916 Rising this month. We researched projects and presented them to the class for our homework. We have been reading the Gerard Whelan novel “The Guns of Easter” which is a historical fiction novel set in Dublin 1916. We recreated a large map of Dublin with the key locations of the Rising. To top it all off, we visited the Pearse museum in St. Enda’s Park !

Here are our constructed sites of the Rising !

Here we are at the Pearse Museum in St. Enda’s Park.

Caoimhe’s 6th class – Investigating and experimenting

6th class were given a limit of 10 sheets of paper and 5 pieces of sellotape to use to make a tower steady enough to balance an object on top.

Creating a balance using rolled up sheets of paper – 3 tubes. The children beat the other classes’ records by balancing 110 books on top!! (See images below)

Book Dress Up Day

by Maia, Lilla, Saoirse, Andrej

“On Book Dress Up Day, we chose the theme “Lord of the Rings” for the class. We enjoyed the day especially because everyone had great costumes. We also liked it because we watched the first Lord of the Rings movie to match our theme and we ate sweets!”

Can you spot a group of hobbits, some elves, Legolas, Gandalf, Smaug, Aragorn and a Nazgul ?

The lunar phases – Muireann’s 6th Class

by Alan, Hamza, Andy, Chloe L, Amé

Subject : Geography, Science and Art

Topic : The Moon

“These are the Oreo Lunar Phases Projects that we have created to represent the phases of the moon. We scraped the filling out to make the shape of the lunar phases. We painted a galaxy background and then stuck the oreos in order. We created the Earth by cutting green pieces of card into small countries then stuck them on a piece of paper”

Lilla and Saoirse also wrote excellent poems about the phases of the moon !

Fraction Wars in 6th Class

by Nour, Liam, Yassin and Marium R

Subject: Maths

Topic : Fractions

“We did a Maths game that had to do with fractions. You play by putting a lollipop stick on the table and you deal out a pack of cards. You put the cards in place of the denominator and numerator. The player with the larger fraction wins the round and all 4 cards”

Fun and learning in Caoimhe’s 6th class

Remembering 9/11

Creative painting masterpieces !

October – oil pastels and chalk artwork

Caoimhe’s 6th class door design

Welcome to 6th class 🙂

6th Class Crocus Project

Sixth Class are taking part in the Crocus Project run by HETI (Holocaust Education Trust Ireland). We were sent crocus bulbs, which were planted this week (October 19th). They should bloom in early spring, to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day. We discussed interesting shapes we could plant the bulbs in to ensure a beautiful bloom! We planted some of our bulbs into the Star of David, which is the symbol of Judaism. We will post about this again when the plants bloom. Stay tuned !

For more information click here : https://hetireland.org/programmes/crocus-project/

Sixth Class – Ancient buildings and ruins

Sixth class have been learning about ancient buildings and ruins in Ireland. We read about the most famous ruins, such as Glendalough and Trim Castle and we recreated them using Lego. We then went for a walk to see an unusual ruin in our locality! This ruin is called ‘The Bottle Tower’ or ‘Hall’s Barn’. It was built in the 1740s during a year of intense famine in the country. It is a miniature replica of The Wonderful Barn in Leixlip.

Mars Rover STEM Challenge

Given various types of pasta, some string, polo mints and sellotape, 6th class had to design and make a Mars Rover. The finished product had to hold a cork on it without falling off, roll when pushed and when placed at the top of a ramp – roll down.

Window Art

The windows in the school have had a face lift this month. In 6th class we all entered design ideas for our windows and we voted on the two designs to use. We then painted these designs onto our windows.

Trip to Airfield

On Monday 6th Class went on a trip to Airfield. We had a delightful day. We saw cows being milked, we toured the animals and gardens, and we spent some time catching and releasing baby frogs.

Sail or Fail

This month 6th Class engaged in a STEM investigation. We began by discussing how frisbees work. We then gathered items from our homes to investigate which one ‘sailed’ the furthest through the air. We were mindful of shape, size and weight when doing this investigation. To ensure fair testing, one person was responsible for throwing the items, from the same point, with the same force.

We then decided to make our own frisbees using materials from home and again we had to be mindful of size, shape, type of material and weight. We drew our designs, made our frisbees, tested how far they ‘sailed’ and recorded our data using charts and trend graphs.

Spring Colours

During the month of March 6th Class were exploring the theme of colours. We did a creeping colours experiment in Science. We did a unit of work on Holi, the Hindu festival of colours. This culminated in a flick Art lesson to represent the Gulal from this festival. We also created our own textured spring cakes using colour to represent flavours.

World War 1 Shoebox Trenches

In 6th Class we have been doing a unit of work on World War 1. The students were set the task of creating their very own World War 1 Shoebox Trench. Armed with nothing but a list of criteria and a schedule of work the 6th Class students spent 2 weeks working on their projects. Their creations demonstrate incredible creativity, resourcefulness and talent. Take a look at some of their trenches below.

All Things Chinese

Throughout January Rebecca’s 6th Class have been designing projects based on Ancient and Modern China. The class produced wonderful slide shows on a huge range of topics including: China the country, Chinese clothes, food and homes, the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors, Chinese New Year, Chinese philosophers and Chinese dynasties. Everyone was challenged with creating an additional extra – this really allowed the creative juices to flow and what emerged was splendid. Below are examples of some of the slides from their projects and a few samples of their additional extras.

Friday Culinary Delights

Rebecca’s 6th Class have been putting their culinary skills to use every Friday as they engage in an online bake off. So far we have made chocolate brownies, Oreo and Malteser cheesecake and cupcakes. The cupcake session was led by the lovely Lily who shared her love of baking by teaching us all. There certainly are many star bakers in this class!

Spreading the Hanukkah Light

We explored using chalk pastels in Art to depict the shining of the Hanukkah candles.

Spaghetti STEM Challenge

6th Class engaged in some STEM investigations this month. They were tasked with designing and building the tallest freestanding structure using only spaghetti and marshmallows.

Science Week

During Science Week, we conducted several different experiments. We looked at designing and creating the best container to ensure an egg would not crack when dropped from a height. We looked at what happens when milk is mixed with soap and how different molecules react with each other. We chose certain materials e.g. paperclips and straws and had to build a bridge spanning 30cm . Finally, we were fortunate enough to have Jennifer from GSETSS come in and do some great experiments with us. We looked at energy and used a balloon stuck to a straw to demonstrate different types of energy- kinetic and sound. Jennifer also showed us how lungs work by putting a marshmallow in a syringe. We rounded up the day with a classic- M&Ms in hot and cold water to see how colours dissolve in different temperatures. It was a great week and we really enjoyed exploring, experimenting and working together.

Rebecca’s 6th Class Investigate Ocean Pollution

This month Rebecca’s 6th Class embarked on a journey of education about ocean pollution and preservation. We launched our journey by doing a live Zoom session with Padraic Creedon, the Outreach Officer from the Galway Atlantaquaria – National Aquarium of Ireland. We discussed the topics of pollution in our oceans, ocean energy and ways we could help to preserve and protect marine life and the sea. We then set about engaging in Marine Pollution Projects. In Art we explored the use of fabric and fibre with recycled materials to developed awareness poster boards. We then finished off our projects by writing poems about our topics.

Back to school!

Our classrooms and corridors came alive again this September.

Sixth Class Graduation 2020


On Wednesday, 24th June we were so proud to be congratulating our first graduating class of Ballinteer Educate Together. The students of Orlaith’s Sixth Class, along with their families and teachers, celebrated a virtual graduation filled with memories. Many of these students have been with us since the school’s opening in 2012 and so it was an emotional night for everyone. We will miss them all but know that they are more than ready to meet the challenges ahead in secondary school. We know that there are great things ahead of this history-making class!

Whole School Singing At Home!

While we can’t be together, let’s sing together! Follow the link to join in with our whole school singing assembly at home:


10 familiar songs from our whole school singing assemblies are waiting. We would love to see your videos of you and your family joining in with some of our school songs. If you have a favourite Ballinteer Educate Together song that you would like to hear, please send us your requests : )

See the source image

6th Class Works of Art

6th Class have created some fabulous pieces of art this term. Have a look at some examples of our talent below!

Valentines Art
Food Chain Art

6th Class Walk to Airfield

As part of our local history and geography study this term, 6th Class decided to take a trip to Airfield Estate. We were very lucky with the weather and walked there and back. Along the way, we noted landmarks present in our local environment, with a view to sketching these landmarks on to a map of the area later on. When we reached Airfield, we had the chance to see the farm animals and to learn about the history of Airfield Estate itself. Any trip to Airfield would not be complete without a visit to the playground and so before we headed back to school, we enjoyed a game of ‘Build Up’ in the playground, which was lots of fun! We are so lucky to have this fantastic educational resource in our locality!

Write-A-Book Project

4th, 5th and 6th Classes have created their own books, as part of the Write-A-Book Project, organised by Blackrock Education Centre. This annual event celebrates the talented writers in our school and gives the children the opportunity to experience the writing of children in other primary schools in Dublin. It is a fantastically inspiring event and all children have thoroughly enjoyed the process and have learned a great deal along the way!

Buddy Reading

Orlaith’s 6th Class and Katy’s 2nd Class have been sharing their love of books and reading by coming together regularly to do buddy reading. This has been a fantastic opportunity for both classes to develop literacy, social and leadership skills and the children have greatly enjoyed the experience. It is anticipated that these sessions will progress further and lead on to some collaborative creative writing experiences before the end of the school year!

Human Rights in 6th Class

We have been learning all about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also about the UN Charter of Children’s Rights. We decided to create our own Human Rights quilt to represent them. Doesn’t it look great?

Human Winter Trees

Sixth Class have been embracing the cold winter days and have been using their creativity and imaginations in many different areas of school life. In P.E., they tried a Human Winter Tree relay race. The object of the race was to decorate their team’s winter tree with as much P.E. equipment as possible, in the fastest time. There were also points awarded for creativity and collaboration! It was good fun and helped to keep us warm!