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A Visit from the Korean Embassy

Third Class welcomed visitors from the Korean embassy this week. We learned all about South Korea. We explored the culture and were given the opportunity to try on traditional clothes. We also learned about Korean food. We explored the meaning of the Korean flag and also practised some phrases in the Korean language. We even had a chance to play some Korean games. It was very informative and lots of fun!

Having a Hoot of a Time!

Tayto, the barn owl came to visit us last week. We learned all about the different types of owl in Ireland, their habitats and what they like to eat. Tayto’s visit inspired us to create fantastic owl fact files and beautiful chalk pastel owl drawings. Keep an eye out for our fantastic art work..It’s coming soon!


National Tree Day

We have been learning all about the importance of trees and also about the different types of trees there are in Ireland. Last Thursday we went on a ‘tree walk’ and challenged ourselves to identify and catagorize as many different types of trees that we could find. We are becoming experts at identifying trees by examining their leaves and berries.

Niall de Burca

Niall de Burca had us in stiches when he visited Ballinteer ETNS to tell us some stories. He has inspired us to become fantastic storytellers ourselves! Watch this space…There will surely be some masterpieces to follow!

Terrific Time in Third

As part of the maths curriculum, Third Class have been getting to grips with all aspects of the concept of time. We have been learning through active, hands – on, collaborative activities and have been having lots of fun in the process!

Super STEM in Third Class

We are having lots of fun exploring science, technology, engineering and maths in active and collaborative ways. We have been constructing towers using spaghetti, string and tape, creating the longest possible length from a paper plate and building paper plate baskets strong enough to hold an entire container of plastic teddy bears! Take a look at how busy we have been…

News 2day

Third Class were delighted when Zainab from News2day, the RTE News station for children, got in touch with them and asked them to showcase all the fabulous work they were doing for Chinese New Year!

Micheal and Zainab came in to film and interview them with cameras and microphones, and it was so exciting.

Third class, along with the rest of the school, learned poems and songs and stories about Chinese New Year, along with creating some beautiful art work!


You can watch our fabulous third class on the news  by clicking on the link below.




Edible Engineering Experiment

Edible Engineering Experiment


This week in science we were set the task of working as an engineer to build a bridge out of food. Before we undertook the project we came together as a project team and discussed the work of an engineer. We then look looked at the most important infrastructures in our immediate environment for our build.

The planning stage:





Fortunately for us, our school is located beside the Luas Bridge in Dundrum. From looking at this incredible bridge we studied the structures and shapes that we saw and deduced that triangular shapes are important when building a bridge.

Step 2. Construction




We then looked at some bridges that we had seen on our travels and holidays and we came up with some more examples of bridges Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.


When building the bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows, we realized that sometimes we need to make the materials we are using smaller or bigger to suit the build. We had to half some of the spaghetti and use twice as many marshmallows to make the structure secure.


We concluded that if our structure were to stand string for a long period of time we would have to reinforce the spaghetti and use twice as many spaghetti sticks to make the bridge hold. This was a really fun experiment and we learned that it is sometimes hard to work in a team but when we listen to each other the outcome can be very successful.

Space Week!

As part of Space week, we had a visit from a scientist from Astronomy Ireland. It was so interesting to learn many new things about Space and this visit inspired us to create our very own Space related projects. We presented our projects to the class in many different ways. We watched videos and Powerpoint presentations. Some people made fabulous models of the Solar System. We were encouraged to  explore many different aspects of Space and we all learned so much from each other! Take a look at examples of our wonderful projects below!



In addition to our Space projects, we also did fabulous ‘Falling Into Space’ art pieces. We learned about perspective and had great fun putting our new found artistic skills into practise!

Wonderful Writing in Third Class

We have been learning a lot this term in Third Class. We are becoming accomplished writers and are learning about all the different writing genres. We have published Student Council speeches, fact files about whales and many creative writing pieces including a spooky story and an imaginative piece about our very own alien! We are also developing our creative writing skills in Irish. Have a look at some of the wonderful pieces of writing we have done.


Our Trip to see ‘Ready, Steady, Draw! A Live Drawing Bonanza!’

Well we could barely contain our excitement before our trip to the Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire last Friday.  We were booked in to see famous illustrators Chris Judge, Oisin McGann, Niamh Sharkey, Sarah McIntyre, Margaret Ann Suggs and Phillip Reeve do their stuff, live!

It was such great fun and we watched in awe as these talented individuals, along with some equally talented teachers and children, drew illustrations of subjects which the audience suggested (our suggestion was ‘elephants doing ballet’).

The two teams, the Pirates and the Sharks fought it out to see who was the fastest and best illustrators and we as the audience decided their fate.  You can see from the photos just how amazing the pictures were!

When we got back we decided to have a go ourselves and chose our favourite subjects of the day to interpret in our own unique ways.  We could choose from ‘a two-tailed monkey surfing’, ‘a dinosaur drinking a milkshake through his nostril’ and many more besides.  Here are just a few of our pictures and as you can see we are extremely talented illustrators too.

Terrific Tag Rugby with Avon

We were sad to say goodbye to Avon and our Tag Rugby lessons this week.  We have been lucky enough to train with one of the best and have learnt a lot about tactics from him.  He has also given us many skills which we can use on the pitch and in our games of ‘Build-Up’ on yard at break times!

Here are a few action shots of us thoroughly enjoying ourselves during the lessons.


Our Magnificent Motte & Bailey Castles

Here in Third Class we turned back the clock to the time of the Normans.


We have learnt about their invasion of Ireland and the Norman influence on our cities and counties. We learnt about the beautiful city of Kilkenny and how once a wooden Motte and Bailey Castle stood in the place of its famous castle.


We studied the structure of the Motte and Bailey Castles and the reasons behind their Norman engineering and then produced our very own replicas.  We think you’d agree they are indeed quite magnificent!


We were lucky enough to have Aisling’s class come and visit us too!  They loved hearing about the construction of our castles and were full of questions about drawbridges and moats.

Festival of Inclusion Competition

This year to mark Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council’s Festival of Inclusion, the Social Inclusion Unit are holding a Primary Schools Drawing Competition.

The theme of the competition is ‘Celebrating Difference’ and we here in 3rd Class are tremendous at doing just that.  Our entries for the competition are amazing as you can see.  They will be on public display in County Hall from the 10th to the 14th October as part of the festival.

Thank you and enjoy!