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Spring Ceremony 2019

Photos and videos of our wonderful Spring Ceremony to follow soon. Thank you to all our parents who came to work in our classrooms this week to make this project happen. Wishing you all a peaceful break. We look forward to welcoming the children back for an action-packed summer term on Monday, 29th April.


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Write-A-Book Awards

The Write-A-Book Merit winners attended a prize giving ceremony last Monday the 1st of April in the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Killiney. It was a fantastic event, where the winners had the opportunity to meet authors from other schools and to celebrate their great achievement. Well done to all the pupils in Ballinteer ETNS who …


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A Visit from the Korean Embassy

Third Class welcomed visitors from the Korean embassy this week. We learned all about South Korea. We explored the culture and were given the opportunity to try on traditional clothes. We also learned about Korean food. We explored the meaning of the Korean flag and also practised some phrases in the Korean language. We even …


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Anti-Bullying Talk

7th March 2019 Thank you to all our parents who joined us at the National Parents Council of Ireland Anti-Bullying Talk yesterday evening. It was a fantastic turn out and speaks to the commitment of our school community to ensure that our children are happy and safe in school. If you have any questions or …


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March for Climate Change

A few weeks ago we received an email from 6th class at Donabate Portrane Educate Together inviting us to join them in a March for Climate Change. We began to look into the issue of climate change and discovered that Ireland ranked the worst in the EU for performance on climate change – we were …


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1st Class celebrate Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year last week, the children in 1st class had great fun learning all about China. We read the story of the Chinese zodiac animals and discovered in which year we were born. Some of the children were born in the Year of the Rabbit, others were born in the Year of …


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Windy Weather in 1st Class

First Class were learning all about air and wind. We learned about the history of windmills, what they were used for and also about modern day wind turbines. We discussed the pros and cons of windy weather and made posters to display this information. Some of the pros the children came up with were that …


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Food Glorious Food

Senior Infants have been doing lots of activities around the theme of ‘food’. We have been discussing the different kinds of foods, our likes and dislikes and how food is important for giving us energy and keeping us healthy. For art, we used potatoes for printing. We used our imaginations to create flowers, bugs and …


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The Arctic

This December the Senior Infants have had the joy of becoming Arctic explorers and going on an expedition to the Arctic. The boys and girls been learning all about Arctic traditions and animals. They boys and girls have been looking at the many ways people and animals have had to adapt to survive in the …


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Book Fair – WOW!


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Senior Infants Blast Off!!

This year, for Science Week (November 11th -18th), the whole school decided to focus on the theme of space. The children loved learning about night and day, the planets, the life of an astronaut and much more. We read lots of stories which tie in with this theme like ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’. …


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Science Week in 1st Class

First Class had a busy day today learning lots about Science. First we learned some interesting facts about the solar system. We then work on some space themed problem solving in Maths class. Later we were invited by Lucy’s 5th Class to see a science demonstration, called “Elephants Toothpaste”! 5th Class students showed us that …


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The Estate Agent

In Senior Infants, the theme  for October has been ‘Houses and Homes’. The children have really enjoyed learning all about the rooms in a house, the different kinds of homes and the importance of families. Our Aistear was based around the ‘The Estate Agent’ and the children have had so much fun. In the role-play …


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The new Student Council!

For the past few weeks, students from First to Fifth Class have been on the campaign trail! We held elections in each class to vote in two representatives from each class to join this years student council. All of the students who participated must be commended and the school walls were filled with campaign posters …


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Autumnal Art Workshop

We had a visit from a visual artist, Caroline Byrne who carried out a wonderful workshop entitled “Connection to Time and Place”. Caroline showed us how to create wonderful little characters out of natural items that can be gathered during autumn. She showed us how we could make little homes for the characters too. We …


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The Optician

Senior Infants have just started Aistear and we are having so much fun. Our Aistear activities this month are based around ‘The Optician’ and include; an optician role-play area, junk art, construction and play dough. The Optician role play area is a firm favourite with the children and we are super at taking it in …


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Walking Water

Mission: To see if we can make water to move from one location to another. Our investigation of capillary action. Capillary action as we found out is how flowers move water from the ground beneath them up through their stems up into their petals and leaves. From our discussion on habitats we discovered that cacti …


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Playworks is Back

This month, we have reintroduce the Playworks programme on the yard. Playworks is a form of structured play in which some children from 3rd and 4th class act as coaches and organise games for the other children to take part in. The games running at the moment are circle dodgeball, bandaid tag and hot potato. …


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Marvellous marbles

The mission: roll a marble from the top of the box to the bottom in the slowest time possible. This week we were working as engineers looking at ways to slow things down. Traffic engineers use all kinds of ways of slowing down traffic. They have designed methods to encourage drivers to slow down and …


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Investigating Engineering in Dundrum

As the school have moved location this year we decided to take advantage of this and go on a class walk around our local area. We looked at aerial images of the school on google maps in our class with our teachers and learned about Dundrum. We picked out some of the most obvious features …


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Lets get connecting

K’Nex Masters at work We have been very busy in school this week constructing with our K’NEX. We have decided to explore the world of Civil Engineering and try our hand at building structures for specific purposes. First of all we spent some time drawing up the blue print and planning the building we wanted …


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Trailing around our school

Trailing around School  This week in First Class we decided to take our Maths outdoors and it was loads of fun. We took our clipboards and sheets and went outside to gather the information we needed. We decided to measure how many steps we took from the front door of our school to the gate. …


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Catapult experiment   For science this week we looked back into the past to see what science experiement people used years ago. We decided to make a catapult.  We made an experiment with lollipop sticks and elastic bands. It was very simple and lots of fun. We realised we needed to reinforce the catapults to …


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The Weather Station

Here in Senior Infants we have settled in to our new classrooms and are really enjoying all the space that we have, especially when it’s time for Aistear! This month we have been studying the weather, which seemed very appropriate after the events in October and our visit from storm Ophelia.  During Aistear we have …


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We are social activists!

We here at Ballinteer ETNS were not happy to hear about the unfair treatment of the girls soccer team by the FAI. It made us angry and cross, so we put our heads together, and every child in our school wrote a letter to the head of the FAI. We like to think our collective …


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Special Visits

In March, Junior Infants have been learning lots about people who help us. We were very lucky to have some of our parents come in to visit us and tell us about their jobs and how they help people. Our first visit was from Sarah, Nina’s mum. Sarah is a psychotherapist, who works with children. …


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Froggy Friday in Rang a hAon

Today we had lots of fun in First Class.   In the morning we were so excited to observe the frogspawn Zach brought in to school.  We have been learning about frogs and it was very interesting to see real frogspawn.  We read a book about the life cycle of a frog.  During Art we …


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Autumn Adventures!

Last week Senior Infants went on our Autumn walk. We had a lot of fun on our adventure with Aisling, Ann and Críona. We saw the leaves turning gold, red and orange. We collected pine cones, acorns, conkers and leaves. We even saw a squirrel! We finished off our walk with a quick trip to the …


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We are going on a bunny hunt!

Senior Infants had an egg hunt today!  We heard rumors that something with a fluffy tail was hopping about outside, we also heard that this creature had dropped shiny oval objects around the playground! We had a prime suspect in mind – could it be the Easter Bunny?  We had to investigate! Imagine our delight when …


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Winter Wonderland

Senior Infants have been exploring the Arctic (and the Emperor Penguins in the Antarctica)  over the past moth. We have learnt all about the Inuits, the Arctic animals and the Arctic weather conditions during our Aistear play. We have made some beautiful igloos, fantastic penguins and essential exploring equipment during our play. Here is a snapshot …


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Math Week in Senior Infants

As last week was Math week, we had a big focus on numeracy in Senior Infants. Thanks to all the fundraising by the PA last year, we were able to buy new numeracy equipment which the children really enjoyed! Here are some of the construction activities we were working on last week; We were also playing counting games using the Ready, Set, …