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Amazing Architects

We read a story about famous architect, Zaha Hadid, recently and were blown away by her building designs. As we looked at images of her curved and gravity-defying architecture, we were inspired to design and construct our own versions using recyclable materials. We worked collaboratively in our pods to create these interesting pieces, borrowing and expanding on Hadid’s ideas of form.

Stone Age Weapons and Tools

3rd Class have been learning all about the Stone Age the last few weeks and today we designed and made our own Stone Age tools and weapons!

First, we made blueprint design plans of our desired weapons and tools. Then we collected our materials of sticks, stones and leaves on a nature walk before attaching them using only string (We thought this was a cleaner and easier method than using animals skin or organs like they did in the Stone Age!) and no sticky tape or glue.

Our homes are going to look like museums with our super Stone Age display weapon and tools!

Art, Nature and Trees with 5th Class

In Fifth Class we were looking at native and non native trees in our school environment. We went on tree identification walks and we used leaves, twigs, grass to make some nature art!

September Fun

Senior Infants have had a great start to the school year. We are working very hard and enjoying lots of fun activities.

Aistear has been a huge hit with the class. Our theme this month is ‘Houses and Homes’. We have been having great fun building homes using waffle blocks, making homes in junk art, playing with the small world house and selling houses in the estate agent role-play area.

For National Tree Day we talked about the importance of trees and we went on a little walk around the school grounds to look at the beautiful trees we have here. We even gave them a little hug!

In English, we have been doing station teaching. The stations include handwriting, free writing, interactive phonics games on the ipads, a phonics station and a word family station.

June Maths Challenge: Make a Sundial

Before clocks, watches and phones, we used a sundial to tell the time. What is a sundial? It’s an ancient instrument that uses shadows cast by the sun to show the time. And today, a sun sundial makes a great feature or structure in your garden. The best bit is, it’s fun and easy to create your own, personalised sundial!

Here’s what you need and how to make it:

  • Find a thick, sturdy stick
  • 12 rocks, pebbles or stones
  • Some paint or a marker pen
  • A watch or clock (just to get you set up, then you can use nature’s clock)
  1. Start by numbering the rocks 1 to 12, you can paint numbers on them, or paint each one a different colour.
  2. Find a sunny spot that you can return to throughout the day. If you have a garden, this is perfect.
  3. Place the stick in the ground so that it stands upright.
  4. Using your existing watch, check where the stick’s shadow is every hour and mark this using your rocks.
  5. As every hour passes, place a rock in the spot that matches the time so that it’s in the stick’s shadow. After 12 hours, you should be left with a circle of rocks around your stick.

And that’s all there is to it.

Send us a picture of your finished sundial!

Spring Break: Design and Create competition

Well done to everyone who entered our 3rd Class ‘Design and Create’ competition. We have decided on some joint winners! Congratulations to Sean and Iarla from Kevin’s class. Their prizes are in the post! Check out their amazing creations here.





Daily Art Challenge

Klaudia in 5th Class is already looking forward to seeing us all back together again in September.
We miss you too!
“Mountains” by Lilla Barta
“Harbour” by Lilla Barta
“Billie Eilish” by Lilla Barta

Friday, 29th May: Final Art Challenge. Congratulations to Lilla Barta from Fourth Class who won our final art challenge with her beautiful collection of three pictures. We think you will agree that Lilla is a talented artist and a fitting winner for our last challenge. Thank you so much to all our student artists. We have enjoyed your art so much over the last months. If you have been inspired by the Daily Art Challenge why not try this challenge during the month of June. We would love to see your June artwork. Send to us at website@ballinteeretns.ie

See the source image

Thursday, 28th May: Willy Wonka’s Factory – Invent a Sweet! Congratulations to Kitty Thornton from Second Class. Kitty invented a fantastic kitten-making lollipop! We think this would be a very popular new sweet in Willy Wonka’s Factory. Remember that today, Friday is the last in our daily art challenges. Thank you to all those who have taken part since the beginning.

Wednesday, 27th May: Princes and Princesses. Congratulations to Sophie O’Driscoll from 4th Class for her fantastic and very original peg doll prince and princess! We loved that Sophie chose a new medium to explore today’s theme. Well done!

Tuesday, 26th May: Giant Flower Sculpture. Congratulations to Margherita Di Lena from Junior Infants for her fantastic winning lego construction of a giant daisy!

Monday, 25th May: Robots! Theo asked us to design, draw or build a robot and didn’t you do well?! Congratulations to Dorothy in Second Class whose fabulous entry ‘Duplo Riding His Tall Weird Rainbow Car‘ made us smile!

Staff Profile Pictures: Thank you to all our talented students who helped Órla to surprise our teachers, SNAs and staff with new profile pictures for the school website. We were so excited and chuffed to see your beautiful work. Thank you all! Visit http://www.ballinteeretns.ie/teachers/ to see our new staff profile pictures as drawn by our students.

Here are just some of the other fantastic portraits Órla received:

Friday, 22nd May Art Challenge: Movie Characters Congratulations to Theo Quinn from Junior Infants for his fantastic entry Buzz from Toy Story! to infinity and beyond Theo!

Thursday, 21st May Art Challenge: Favourite Toy Congratulations to Lottie O’Mahony from Fifth Class who sent us today’s winning artwork. Her favourite toy? Roller blades! Beautiful work Lottie and well done to all our fantastic entrants.

Wednesday, 20th May Art Challenge: Favourite Planet Congratulations to Aditya Mule from Junior Infants who wowed us with this incredible picture of Planet Earth! Thank you to all our art challenge entrants. Remember, our daily art challenge finishes next week on Friday, 29th May. Since we started the daily art challenge, we have received over 800 pieces of art! We hope that you have had fun making and creating. We have loved sharing your artwork. What has been your favourite theme?

Tuesday, 19th May Art Challenge: Disney Characters Congratulations to Niall Bianchini from First Class. His Yoda picture was chosen as today’s daily art challenge winner! Well done Niall!

Monday, 18th May Art Challenge: Day Out With Grandparents/ Family Congratulations to Karma Khedr from First Class for winning today’s challenge with this beautiful picture of her family’s day out in Bray! We loved that Karma included lots of detail and colour in her art.

Friday, 15th May Art Challenge: Favourite Animals Congratulations to Danika Sanyal from Senior Infants. Look at Danika’s beautiful picture of her four favourite animals! Danika has selected a new theme for Monday’s art challenge: A Day Out with Grandparents/ Family.

Thursday, 14th May Art Challenge: Bumble Bees! Congratulations to Oliver Kirwan from Junior Infants who won today’s Bumble Bee art challenge. Oliver’s picture is really beautiful and comes with a sad true life story!

Wednesday, 13th May Art Challenge: Fun Land! Congratulations to

Bláthnat and Mia from 5th Class who worked together online to create this fantastic Roblox Fun Land! Really creative work girls – well done!

Tuesday, 12th May Art Challenge: Marvel Characters. Congratulations to Séamus O’Mahony from Senior Infants for his incredible collection of Deadpool art that earned him today’s art challenge title! Séamus will choose tomorrow’s art challenge theme. One of our favourite challenges so far – well done everyone!

Monday, 11th May Art Challenge: Cars. Congratulations to Matteo Brown from Second Class who was the winner of today’s Cars art challenge with this fantastic gold car! Well done to all our amazing car designers. Check out all the entries below.

Congratulations to Sam Donnelly from First Class who was the winner of today’s Friendly Monsters art challenge. Look at his array of friendly monsters! So impressive. Sam has chosen the theme Cars for Monday’s art challenge. Have a lovely weekend.

Congratulations to all our entries for the Friendly Monsters art challenge. Here are some of our fantastic entries.

Friday, 8th May: Friendly Monsters Congratulations to James Taylor from Third Class who was the winner of the Fantasy Football Team Kits art challenge with these fantastic home and away kit designs. The theme for Friday’s art challenge is Friendly Monsters. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Friday, 8th May.

Thursday, 7th May: Fantasy Football Team Kits. Congratulations to Liam Whelan from Fourth Class who was the winner of the In The Jungle art challenge with this beautiful, atmospheric picture of a tiger at the water’s edge. Liam has chosen the theme Fantasy Football Team Kits for Thursday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Thursday, 7th May.

Wednesday, 6th May: In The Jungle. Congratulations to Rory Lynch from Second Class who was the winner of Tuesday’s Magical Spirits art challenge with this colourful, fantastical picture. Rory has chosen the theme In The Jungle for Wednesday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Wednesday, 6th May.

Tuesday, 5th May: Magical Spirits. Congratulations to Dorothy Hudson from Second Class who was the winner of Friday’s Star Wars art challenge with this adorable picture of Baby Yoda. Our art challenge will be taking a little break on Monday for the bank holiday. We will be back on Tuesday with Dorothy’s chosen theme, Magical Spirits. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Tuesday, 5th May.

Friday, 1st May: Star Wars Congratulations to Kacper from First Class who was the winner of Thursday’s art challenge Design your own lego figure with this fantastic creation, Dragon Canon! Lego art has been a huge hit this week. Kacper has chosen the theme Star Wars for Friday’s challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Friday, 1st May.

Thursday, 30th April: Design your own Lego figure Congratulations to Sean Lambert from Third Class who was the winner of Wednesday’s art challenge for this fabulous lego Castle. We loved seeing some beautiful 3D art for this challenge. Sean has chosen the theme for Thursday’s art challenge: Design your own Lego figure. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Thursday, 30th April.

Wednesday, 29th April: Castle Congratulations to Arnav Hiremath from Third Class who was the winner of Tuesday’s art challenge for his incredible pencil drawing of a Dragon. Arnav has chosen the theme Castle for Wednesday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Wednesday, 29th April.

Tuesday, 28th April: Dragons Congratulations to Willow Boyce from Senior Infants who was the winner of Monday’s art challenge for her beautiful My Favourite Flowers picture. Willow’s favourite flowers are dandelions because they are food for the bees. Willow used her origami set and dried flowers to make her picture and only got help with the cutting. Willow has chosen the theme Dragons for Tuesday’s art challenge because she is a huge fan of How to Train Your Dragon! Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Tuesday, 28th April.

Monday, 27th April: My Favourite Flower Congratulations to Lara Quinlan from Fourth Class who was the winner of Friday’s art challenge for her hilarious Dinosaurs picture. Lara has chosen the theme My Favourite Flower for Monday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Monday, 27th April.

Friday, 24th April: Dinosaurs Congratulations to Conrad from Senior Infants who was the winner of Thursday’s art challenge for his fantastic ferris wheel for Children’s Day. Conrad has chosen the theme Dinosaurs for Friday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Friday, 24th April.

Thursday, 23rd April: Children’s Day Congratulations to Asya from Junior Infants who was the winner of Wednesday’s Favourite Musical Instrument art challenge for her gorgeous violin painting. Asya would like to choose Children’s Day as the theme for Thursday’s art challenge because it is Children’s Day in Turkey on the 23rd April, a very special holiday! Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Thursday, 23rd April.