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Lets get connecting

K’Nex Masters at work We have been very busy in school this week constructing with our K’NEX. We have decided to explore the world of Civil Engineering and try our hand at building structures for specific purposes. First of all we spent some time drawing up the blue print and planning the building we wanted …


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Trailing around our school

Trailing around School  This week in First Class we decided to take our Maths outdoors and it was loads of fun. We took our clipboards and sheets and went outside to gather the information we needed. We decided to measure how many steps we took from the front door of our school to the gate. …


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Catapult experiment   For science this week we looked back into the past to see what science experiement people used years ago. We decided to make a catapult.  We made an experiment with lollipop sticks and elastic bands. It was very simple and lots of fun. We realised we needed to reinforce the catapults to …


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The Weather Station

Here in Senior Infants we have settled in to our new classrooms and are really enjoying all the space that we have, especially when it’s time for Aistear! This month we have been studying the weather, which seemed very appropriate after the events in October and our visit from storm Ophelia.  During Aistear we have …


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We are social activists!

We here at Ballinteer ETNS were not happy to hear about the unfair treatment of the girls soccer team by the FAI. It made us angry and cross, so we put our heads together, and every child in our school wrote a letter to the head of the FAI. We like to think our collective …


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Special Visits

In March, Junior Infants have been learning lots about people who help us. We were very lucky to have some of our parents come in to visit us and tell us about their jobs and how they help people. Our first visit was from Sarah, Nina’s mum. Sarah is a psychotherapist, who works with children. …


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Froggy Friday in Rang a hAon

Today we had lots of fun in First Class.   In the morning we were so excited to observe the frogspawn Zach brought in to school.  We have been learning about frogs and it was very interesting to see real frogspawn.  We read a book about the life cycle of a frog.  During Art we …


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Autumn Adventures!

Last week Senior Infants went on our Autumn walk. We had a lot of fun on our adventure with Aisling, Ann and Críona. We saw the leaves turning gold, red and orange. We collected pine cones, acorns, conkers and leaves. We even saw a squirrel! We finished off our walk with a quick trip to the …


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We are going on a bunny hunt!

Senior Infants had an egg hunt today!  We heard rumors that something with a fluffy tail was hopping about outside, we also heard that this creature had dropped shiny oval objects around the playground! We had a prime suspect in mind – could it be the Easter Bunny?  We had to investigate! Imagine our delight when …


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Winter Wonderland

Senior Infants have been exploring the Arctic (and the Emperor Penguins in the Antarctica)  over the past moth. We have learnt all about the Inuits, the Arctic animals and the Arctic weather conditions during our Aistear play. We have made some beautiful igloos, fantastic penguins and essential exploring equipment during our play. Here is a snapshot …


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Math Week in Senior Infants

As last week was Math week, we had a big focus on numeracy in Senior Infants. Thanks to all the fundraising by the PA last year, we were able to buy new numeracy equipment which the children really enjoyed! Here are some of the construction activities we were working on last week; We were also playing counting games using the Ready, Set, …