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The Post Office Theme Junior Infants

We have finished with our Post Office Aistear Theme now in Junior Infants. The children had great fun at the Role Play area, putting stamps on envelopes, posting letters in to the post box, delivering mail around the classroom etc. The Junk Art station was a hive of activity, with children creating post offices, letter boxes, post vans, airplanes and lots more! The Writing Table was busier than ever, with lots of children eager to write letters and cards for friends in the class. At the Small World area, the children had fun driving vans and trucks around the village full of packages, parcels and letters. There was great engagement from all!

Junior Infant Drama Sessions with Paula

The children are really enjoying their drama sessions with Paula, the drama teacher. She read them the story “We’re All Wonders” by R.J. Palacio last week and today they imagined what it might be like to blast off into space! Paula had speakers and star light effects to make it a magical experience. The children were zooming around the classroom, like rockets and shooting stars and then floating like weightless astronauts on the moon. Everybody also took a turn to share something about themselves that makes them unique, just like the boy in the storybook. We are looking forward to more fun filled sessions with Paula over the next few weeks.

Whatever the Weather!

In Senior Infants, our theme for February was Weather and Clothes. We learned about the different kinds of weather, we chatted about our favourite kinds of clothes to wear and we identified the different kinds of clothes worn in each season.

In Aistear, our role-play station was ‘The Clothes Shop’. The children had so much fun dressing up!

For Art, we designed our own jumpers using different materials.

As always, we made brilliant creations with construction materials and junk art.

It was also Senior Infants turn to create the schools Learn Together display. We wrote about Chinese New Year and made cool dragons!

The highlight of the month has definitely been triathlon training.

Food Glorious Food!

In January, Senior Infants enjoyed lots of activities around the theme of ‘food’. We discussed the different kinds of foods, our likes and dislikes and how food is important for giving us energy and keeping us healthy.

Our Aistear role-play area was a Café/Restaurant. The children had so much fun pretending to be chefs, waiting staff and customers.

We used lentils and rainbow rice for our sensory station.

We made paper plate pizzas.

We made mini-restaurants and cafés for our small world station.

Exploring The Arctic in Senior Infants!

Our Aistear theme in Senior Infants for December was The Arctic. The children really enjoyed learning all about the Arctic Circle, it’s animals and the people who live there. Our Aistear stations were; role-play, construction, junk art, sensory play, playdough and art.

In the role play area, we took a trip to the amazing Arctic. We built igloos, went camping and looked after some arctic animals.

We use sago seeds as snow in our sensory play station and it was a huge hit!

We made beautiful winter scenes.

Senior Infants Blast Off!

In Senior Infants, our theme for November was Space. We learned about night and nay, the 8 planets and what it is like to be an astronaut.

For Aistear, our role-play area was The International Space Station. The children had lots of fun conducting space experiments and meeting aliens!

For art, we made really cool clay aliens. We also made aliens at our playdough station.

In junk art, we made everything from rockets to space stations.

For construction, we challenged ourselves to make really cool bridges.

In English, we learned lots of lovely poems about space and wrote about what we would bring with us to space.

An Outstanding October

Senior Infants have had a fun and busy October. Our theme for this month was ‘Houses and Homes’ and we learned lots about the different types of homes, the materials used to build them, the rooms in the home and different kinds of families.

We embraced the seasonal changes that are happening around us and we learned lots about autumn. On National Tree day we went on a walk to Finsbury Park to look out for signs of autumn and to collect some leaves and identify the different trees that grow there.

We also celebrated World Mental Health Day with a whole week of nice activities. We did some yoga, lots of mindfulness activities and we had a picnic outside in the outdoor classroom.

Our Aistear this month was based around our theme. The children enjoyed buying and selling homes in the Estate Agent role-play area. The houses for sale become quite spooky, towards the end of our last week!

We used Lego as our construction material and built lots of different kinds of homes.

We made bedrooms and homes using junk art.

We drew our families and made lollipop stick homes at our art station. We also made pumpkins!

Small world was a big hit this month. The children loved playing with the doll’s houses and setting up the furniture in the different rooms.

Fáilte go dtí Meán Fómhair: A Flying Start to Fourth!

It is only the end of our first month and we have already been up to so much! Not only have we all become great friends (me included!!) but we have been catching up on all of the fun things we got up to over the summer. After such an uncertain last year, it has been wonderful to be surrounded by friends once again, playing and learning as all should be. We have rediscovered our own beauty with self-portraits, hung up in the corridor for all of the world to see! We’ve made the most of our lovely Finsbury park with games and stations during PE. We have explored Irish myths and legends with The Children of Lir and the magical tale of those poor children who were turned into swans. And that’s only to start!!

We had the great privilege of a Nature Writing Workshop with Shane Casey, hosted by Unesco in which we wrote nature stories about badgers, hedgehogs, ducks and hares, oh my! Our imaginations really spilled onto the page for that one but still, we long for when an author can really and truly come in to visit!

We each chose our own passion project, whatever we liked! Some chose holidays and summer memories, some decided that animals were their favourite thing, others created objects and scenes of wonder for us to marvel at! We heard about everything from the history of fashion to football.  We even had a volcanic eruption to enjoy! We worked so hard on these projects at home and being able to share them with our classmates made the dedication and work all the more sweet!

Another excellent month is sure to come, with plenty of fun, learning and new discoveries along the way!

(Photos to follow!)

A Super September in Senior Infants!

We have had a fun and busy September in Senior Infants. We have settled back to school so quickly and have been working super hard. Our theme for September is ‘All About Me’. We have been learning about our senses, chatting about our likes and dislikes and learning about our differences.

In Maths, we have been engaging in lots of sorting activities and also creating patterns. We have also been learning about the Story of 5 and revising number formation.

Aistear has gotten off to a great start. There children take turns engaging with 5 different station activities.

The children love our ‘Optician’ role-play area.

Junk art is a big hit and our creations are amazing!

We have also been making really interesting constructions.

We have been designing our own glasses range, some of which have superpowers.

Senior Infants have been painting with a twist!

The children used scented paints to paint a picture of their own. As they began painting, they noticed that each colour smelled like something different. The children used their sense of smell to try and identify each of the different scents!

We have learned lots of new vocabulary at our oral language station.

Well done Senior Infants!

June in Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been making the most of the lovely June weather and spending lots of time outside. We took our maths stations outside and also our Aistear activities.

Our theme for June was ‘water’. We learned about capacity, water sources, water safety, looking after our oceans and ocean creatures. Our Aistear activities included junk art, construction, water beads, sand and plasticine.

Senior Infants spent lots of time in our new outdoor classroom this month. We enjoyed relaxing and reading some books in the sun. Senior Infants also did some planting and learnt lots about the importance of bees with Caroline. She even brought us in a friendly bee to meet!

A special message from Irish Sportspeople

To help celebrate Sports Week, some Irish athletes and sportspeople sent in special messages to all the children…

Wild Patch

Pay attention

Be astonished

Tell about it.

Mary Oliver

As part of our school’s work around Earth Day a small group of students in fourth class asked Orlaith and Jim if it would be possible to leave a patch of the front lawn to grow wild.

We had noticed back in April that some lovely wildflowers like cowslips and field speedwell were emerging.  We hoped that more species of plants would emerge and that we could encourage pollinators and biodiversity into our wild patch!

You will see the wild patch behind the sign at the entrance to the school.  Look closely at the growth which now includes 

Clover (seamar bhán)

Daisies (nóiníní)

Dandelions (caisearbhán)

Ribwort plantain (slánlus)

Speedwell (lus cré garraí)

The website http://www.wildflowersofireland.net/index.php is a brilliant source of information for identifying wild flowers growing in our area.  

You can also become a citizen scientist by logging your identified plants with Biodiversity Ireland at https://records.biodiversityireland.ie/.


Travel and Transport in Senior Infants

Senior Infants have had great fun this month learning all about travel and transport!

They enjoyed their time at ‘The Airport’ role play station area during Aistear. We made our own passports, checked our baggage weight at the check in desk and we even took on the role of the pilot. We are all set for when we are allowed to travel again!

The children made runways, aeroplanes, airports and many more exciting things at the construction area.

We painted pictures of hot air balloons flying over places we would love to visit in the future!

The children played with vehicles in the small world area. They used Lego to build towns and cities and practised driving cars and trucks around these busy places!

Our Earth Day Poster Competition

We created some fantastic posters to celebrate World Earth Day which happens on the 22nd of April each year. The winner of the poster competition is…..drum roll…… Harrison! Congratulations!

Well done to Ania too, who created an excellent earth day poster which helped inspire our window painting at the front of the school.

Non-stop Learning in First Class

Way back in November we were treated to a Zoom call with author and illustrator Alan Nolan. We had so much fun, Alan was so funny and he had us rolling about with laughter! He also taught us how to draw and answered all our questions, it was amazing.

To say thank you we all wrote Alan a letter, we wonder how long it took him to read them all!

Winter Crafts… Printing gift wrap and weaving with wool on cardboard looms… First Class also prepared and produced a performance of Nick Butterworth’s One Snowy Night which was shared with the rest of the school for a virtual winter show!

During Engineers Week we learnt all about the Design Process. We put this design process into practice ourselves by planning, making, testing and improving on a variety of things that could help the Gingerbread Man cross the river safely so that he would not need to rely on the sly fox or be worried about becoming soggy in the water! We designed and made, zip-lines, boats and bridges…

First class are also truly amazing artists… this year we have learnt about some famous artists, Kandinsky and Van Gogh. Inspired by these artists we created concentric heart cards for someone we love and still life paintings of beautiful Spring flowers.

First class love getting outdoors… we had lots of fun doing some active scavenger hunts before the Spring break. As scientists we have been growing plants, discovering how plants take up water and need sunlight, water and air to grow and live. We celebrated Earth day in style with lots of great books like “Here We Are” by Oliver Jeffers and “Earth Yay!”. We also lernt the song “Cover Me in Sunshine” by Pink and created the most brilliant group dances during P.E. We created beautiful Earth Day posters and we made some delicate wildflower sun-catchers for our window. We also learnt all about the life-cycle of a ladybird after Claire found some strange little bumps on her tree and discovered they were ladybird pupa!

More recently we have zoomed out of planet Earth and have begun to explore the whole solar system. We have learnt about Apollo 11 and the moon landings. We have seen how much has changed and developed in space travel and science since 1969. We really enjoyed reading Chris Hadfield’s book “The Darkest Dark” and then watching him brush his teeth and make a sandwich in outer space on the international space station. Watch this space ;-), I think we have lots of budding astronauts here in First Class!

Daffodil Day March 26th

The Student Council arranged some fundraising activities for Daffodil Day March 2021, and we were so thrilled and delighted to see so many people getting involved. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone so much for their generous donations!

The Student Council sent this letter earlier this week.

“Dear parents of BETNS,

As this Friday, the 26th of March is Daffodil Day, we will be fundraising for the Irish Cancer Society. Our target goal is €800, which is an average of about €2 per person, but you can donate as little or as much as you like. 

We will collect online and with pots that we will leave in the classrooms on Friday. The students are encouraged to wear yellow or something Daffodil related on Friday. Throughout the week, there will be Daffodil Art and the children can bring in Daffodils to decorate their classroom if they want. 


The Student Council “

We will update this post with new photos and the amount we raised when it is all counted.

Friday Culinary Delights

Rebecca’s 6th Class have been putting their culinary skills to use every Friday as they engage in an online bake off. So far we have made chocolate brownies, Oreo and Malteser cheesecake and cupcakes. The cupcake session was led by the lovely Lily who shared her love of baking by teaching us all. There certainly are many star bakers in this class!

Ballinteer Educate Together Masterpiece Challenge

We thought we would invite our school community to get involved in a fun challenge. Earlier in the year the Getty Museum challenged people to recreate famous pieces of art using everyday household objects (and people or pets). We thought we would try our own Ballinteer ETNS version of this challenge. 

So how will it work for our school’s Masterpiece Challenge?

  1. First choose a famous piece of art you would like to recreate. Inspiration could come from a famous painting, a sculpture, stone work, pottery… Take a look on some art gallery websites online and see what you can find!
  2. Look around your house and find household objects to use for your recreation. You can have people and pets in your recreation also.
  3. When you have created your masterpiece, send a photo of it, along with a picture of the original art, to info@ballinteeretns.ie.
  4. All masterpieces will then be hung here in our virtual gallery on our school website!

Have fun! We look forward to seeing your imaginative works of art!

Check out our wonderful masterpieces below!

Dual Language Library

In Ballinteer Educate Together N.S. we speak languages from all over the world. This month some of our multilingual students helped us to choose new books for our library in 18 different languages! Over 60 new dual-language books arrived this week.

Third Class were excited to read and share some of our new dual-language books. These girls shared their reading in Arabic as well as English.

First Class – A very busy term 1!

Claire’s First Class have been very busy bees since returning to school in September… Take a look at some of what we have been up to!..

Mathematicians at work. We love working and playing together during our maths stations.

Re-telling the story ‘Don’t Worry Little Crab’ by Chris Haughton with our own handmade crab puppets. Art, Drama, S.P.H.E and literacy all in one!

A history lesson on Helen Keller tied in nicely with our science lessons on the senses and we wrote our names in braille, using the sense of touch to read.

Learning about school long ago was fascinating, we are glad we didn’t have to go to school long ago, school today is alot more fun and friendly! We certainly had fun identifying what these artefacts were used for with our groups.

Artists at work, creating collages like Matisse.

We loved learning about all our native Irish trees and the changes that occur in Autumn. We love learning outside and had lots of fun making habitats for woodland creatures and collecting sticks, stones, leaves and conkers to make nature mandalas.

Book week was so much fun! We wrote book recommendations, designed covers for our favourite books, made bookmarks using origami and went on a Where’s Wally search but most of all we loved curling up with a good book for Drop Everything And Read…

Amazing Architects

We read a story about famous architect, Zaha Hadid, recently and were blown away by her building designs. As we looked at images of her curved and gravity-defying architecture, we were inspired to design and construct our own versions using recyclable materials. We worked collaboratively in our pods to create these interesting pieces, borrowing and expanding on Hadid’s ideas of form.

Stone Age Weapons and Tools

3rd Class have been learning all about the Stone Age the last few weeks and today we designed and made our own Stone Age tools and weapons!

First, we made blueprint design plans of our desired weapons and tools. Then we collected our materials of sticks, stones and leaves on a nature walk before attaching them using only string (We thought this was a cleaner and easier method than using animals skin or organs like they did in the Stone Age!) and no sticky tape or glue.

Our homes are going to look like museums with our super Stone Age display weapon and tools!

Art, Nature and Trees with 5th Class

In Fifth Class we were looking at native and non native trees in our school environment. We went on tree identification walks and we used leaves, twigs, grass to make some nature art!

June Maths Challenge: Make a Sundial

Before clocks, watches and phones, we used a sundial to tell the time. What is a sundial? It’s an ancient instrument that uses shadows cast by the sun to show the time. And today, a sun sundial makes a great feature or structure in your garden. The best bit is, it’s fun and easy to create your own, personalised sundial!

Here’s what you need and how to make it:

  • Find a thick, sturdy stick
  • 12 rocks, pebbles or stones
  • Some paint or a marker pen
  • A watch or clock (just to get you set up, then you can use nature’s clock)
  1. Start by numbering the rocks 1 to 12, you can paint numbers on them, or paint each one a different colour.
  2. Find a sunny spot that you can return to throughout the day. If you have a garden, this is perfect.
  3. Place the stick in the ground so that it stands upright.
  4. Using your existing watch, check where the stick’s shadow is every hour and mark this using your rocks.
  5. As every hour passes, place a rock in the spot that matches the time so that it’s in the stick’s shadow. After 12 hours, you should be left with a circle of rocks around your stick.

And that’s all there is to it.

Send us a picture of your finished sundial!

Spring Break: Design and Create competition

Well done to everyone who entered our 3rd Class ‘Design and Create’ competition. We have decided on some joint winners! Congratulations to Sean and Iarla from Kevin’s class. Their prizes are in the post! Check out their amazing creations here.





Daily Art Challenge

Klaudia in 5th Class is already looking forward to seeing us all back together again in September.
We miss you too!
“Mountains” by Lilla Barta
“Harbour” by Lilla Barta
“Billie Eilish” by Lilla Barta

Friday, 29th May: Final Art Challenge. Congratulations to Lilla Barta from Fourth Class who won our final art challenge with her beautiful collection of three pictures. We think you will agree that Lilla is a talented artist and a fitting winner for our last challenge. Thank you so much to all our student artists. We have enjoyed your art so much over the last months. If you have been inspired by the Daily Art Challenge why not try this challenge during the month of June. We would love to see your June artwork. Send to us at website@ballinteeretns.ie

See the source image

Thursday, 28th May: Willy Wonka’s Factory – Invent a Sweet! Congratulations to Kitty Thornton from Second Class. Kitty invented a fantastic kitten-making lollipop! We think this would be a very popular new sweet in Willy Wonka’s Factory. Remember that today, Friday is the last in our daily art challenges. Thank you to all those who have taken part since the beginning.

Wednesday, 27th May: Princes and Princesses. Congratulations to Sophie O’Driscoll from 4th Class for her fantastic and very original peg doll prince and princess! We loved that Sophie chose a new medium to explore today’s theme. Well done!

Tuesday, 26th May: Giant Flower Sculpture. Congratulations to Margherita Di Lena from Junior Infants for her fantastic winning lego construction of a giant daisy!

Monday, 25th May: Robots! Theo asked us to design, draw or build a robot and didn’t you do well?! Congratulations to Dorothy in Second Class whose fabulous entry ‘Duplo Riding His Tall Weird Rainbow Car‘ made us smile!

Staff Profile Pictures: Thank you to all our talented students who helped Órla to surprise our teachers, SNAs and staff with new profile pictures for the school website. We were so excited and chuffed to see your beautiful work. Thank you all! Visit http://www.ballinteeretns.ie/teachers/ to see our new staff profile pictures as drawn by our students.

Here are just some of the other fantastic portraits Órla received:

Friday, 22nd May Art Challenge: Movie Characters Congratulations to Theo Quinn from Junior Infants for his fantastic entry Buzz from Toy Story! to infinity and beyond Theo!

Thursday, 21st May Art Challenge: Favourite Toy Congratulations to Lottie O’Mahony from Fifth Class who sent us today’s winning artwork. Her favourite toy? Roller blades! Beautiful work Lottie and well done to all our fantastic entrants.

Wednesday, 20th May Art Challenge: Favourite Planet Congratulations to Aditya Mule from Junior Infants who wowed us with this incredible picture of Planet Earth! Thank you to all our art challenge entrants. Remember, our daily art challenge finishes next week on Friday, 29th May. Since we started the daily art challenge, we have received over 800 pieces of art! We hope that you have had fun making and creating. We have loved sharing your artwork. What has been your favourite theme?

Tuesday, 19th May Art Challenge: Disney Characters Congratulations to Niall Bianchini from First Class. His Yoda picture was chosen as today’s daily art challenge winner! Well done Niall!

Monday, 18th May Art Challenge: Day Out With Grandparents/ Family Congratulations to Karma Khedr from First Class for winning today’s challenge with this beautiful picture of her family’s day out in Bray! We loved that Karma included lots of detail and colour in her art.

Friday, 15th May Art Challenge: Favourite Animals Congratulations to Danika Sanyal from Senior Infants. Look at Danika’s beautiful picture of her four favourite animals! Danika has selected a new theme for Monday’s art challenge: A Day Out with Grandparents/ Family.

Thursday, 14th May Art Challenge: Bumble Bees! Congratulations to Oliver Kirwan from Junior Infants who won today’s Bumble Bee art challenge. Oliver’s picture is really beautiful and comes with a sad true life story!

Wednesday, 13th May Art Challenge: Fun Land! Congratulations to

Bláthnat and Mia from 5th Class who worked together online to create this fantastic Roblox Fun Land! Really creative work girls – well done!

Tuesday, 12th May Art Challenge: Marvel Characters. Congratulations to Séamus O’Mahony from Senior Infants for his incredible collection of Deadpool art that earned him today’s art challenge title! Séamus will choose tomorrow’s art challenge theme. One of our favourite challenges so far – well done everyone!

Monday, 11th May Art Challenge: Cars. Congratulations to Matteo Brown from Second Class who was the winner of today’s Cars art challenge with this fantastic gold car! Well done to all our amazing car designers. Check out all the entries below.

Congratulations to Sam Donnelly from First Class who was the winner of today’s Friendly Monsters art challenge. Look at his array of friendly monsters! So impressive. Sam has chosen the theme Cars for Monday’s art challenge. Have a lovely weekend.

Congratulations to all our entries for the Friendly Monsters art challenge. Here are some of our fantastic entries.

Friday, 8th May: Friendly Monsters Congratulations to James Taylor from Third Class who was the winner of the Fantasy Football Team Kits art challenge with these fantastic home and away kit designs. The theme for Friday’s art challenge is Friendly Monsters. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Friday, 8th May.

Thursday, 7th May: Fantasy Football Team Kits. Congratulations to Liam Whelan from Fourth Class who was the winner of the In The Jungle art challenge with this beautiful, atmospheric picture of a tiger at the water’s edge. Liam has chosen the theme Fantasy Football Team Kits for Thursday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Thursday, 7th May.

Wednesday, 6th May: In The Jungle. Congratulations to Rory Lynch from Second Class who was the winner of Tuesday’s Magical Spirits art challenge with this colourful, fantastical picture. Rory has chosen the theme In The Jungle for Wednesday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Wednesday, 6th May.

Tuesday, 5th May: Magical Spirits. Congratulations to Dorothy Hudson from Second Class who was the winner of Friday’s Star Wars art challenge with this adorable picture of Baby Yoda. Our art challenge will be taking a little break on Monday for the bank holiday. We will be back on Tuesday with Dorothy’s chosen theme, Magical Spirits. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Tuesday, 5th May.

Friday, 1st May: Star Wars Congratulations to Kacper from First Class who was the winner of Thursday’s art challenge Design your own lego figure with this fantastic creation, Dragon Canon! Lego art has been a huge hit this week. Kacper has chosen the theme Star Wars for Friday’s challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Friday, 1st May.

Thursday, 30th April: Design your own Lego figure Congratulations to Sean Lambert from Third Class who was the winner of Wednesday’s art challenge for this fabulous lego Castle. We loved seeing some beautiful 3D art for this challenge. Sean has chosen the theme for Thursday’s art challenge: Design your own Lego figure. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Thursday, 30th April.

Wednesday, 29th April: Castle Congratulations to Arnav Hiremath from Third Class who was the winner of Tuesday’s art challenge for his incredible pencil drawing of a Dragon. Arnav has chosen the theme Castle for Wednesday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Wednesday, 29th April.

Tuesday, 28th April: Dragons Congratulations to Willow Boyce from Senior Infants who was the winner of Monday’s art challenge for her beautiful My Favourite Flowers picture. Willow’s favourite flowers are dandelions because they are food for the bees. Willow used her origami set and dried flowers to make her picture and only got help with the cutting. Willow has chosen the theme Dragons for Tuesday’s art challenge because she is a huge fan of How to Train Your Dragon! Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Tuesday, 28th April.

Monday, 27th April: My Favourite Flower Congratulations to Lara Quinlan from Fourth Class who was the winner of Friday’s art challenge for her hilarious Dinosaurs picture. Lara has chosen the theme My Favourite Flower for Monday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Monday, 27th April.

Friday, 24th April: Dinosaurs Congratulations to Conrad from Senior Infants who was the winner of Thursday’s art challenge for his fantastic ferris wheel for Children’s Day. Conrad has chosen the theme Dinosaurs for Friday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Friday, 24th April.

Thursday, 23rd April: Children’s Day Congratulations to Asya from Junior Infants who was the winner of Wednesday’s Favourite Musical Instrument art challenge for her gorgeous violin painting. Asya would like to choose Children’s Day as the theme for Thursday’s art challenge because it is Children’s Day in Turkey on the 23rd April, a very special holiday! Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Thursday, 23rd April.

Wednesday, 22nd April: Your Favourite Musical Instrument Congratulations to Malika Karim from Second Class who was the winner of the Favourite Holiday Destination art challenge for her beautiful piece on Alexandria Lighthouse in Egypt. Malika has chosen the theme Your Favourite Musical Instrument for Wednesday’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm Wednesday, 22nd April.

Tuesday, 21st April: Favourite Holiday Destination Congratulations to Prisha Kumar from Senior Infants who was the winner of yesterday’s art challenge for her beautiful piece on the solar system. Prisha has chosen Favourite Holiday Destination as the theme for today’s art challenge. Please send your entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm today, 21st April.

Prisha. Senior Infants

Monday, 20th April: Our Solar System & Insects Our challenge winners, Veeraj (Friday, 3rd) and Theo (Friday, 17th) each chose a theme for Monday’s art challenge so you have two themes to choose from: Our Solar System or Insects. Or, if you are feeling really creative you can enter twice! Please send you entries to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm on Monday, 20th April.

Congratulations art challenge winners! Thank you to our PTA who continued the art challenge over the spring break. Take a look at all our spring break challenge winners below.

Friday, 3rd April: Sea Life Congratulations to Veeraj Kurpe from Junior Infants who is the winner of the today’s art challenge. Veeraj included lots of detail in his beautiful ocean scene including a fantastic message, Save the Ocean! Our website will be a taking a break over the spring holiday but the PTA will take over the art challenge for anyone that would like to continue it! From Monday, entries can be sent to PTABallinteerETNS@gmail.com. The theme will be Nature Art. The results and daily themes will be posted on https://www.facebook.com/BallinteerETNS.

Thursday, 2nd April: Egypt’s Tourist Attractions Congratulations to Marium Rashwan from Fourth Class who is the winner of the today’s art challenge for her atmospheric painting of the pyramids at Giza. The theme for today’s challenge is Sea Life. Please submit your entries by 5pm Friday, 3rd April to website@ballinteeretns.ie. Thank you for all your art challenge entries that have kept us smiling throughout the school closure. We hope you are just as impressed as we have been with all the creative talent in our school.

Wednesday, 1st April: Lost in Space Congratulations to Yassin from Fourth Class who is the winner of the Lost in Space art challenge for this striking, colourful space scene. Yassin has chosen Egypt’s Tourist Attractions as the theme for Thursday’s art challenge. Please submit your entries by 5pm Thursday, 2nd April to website@ballinteeretns.ie.

Tuesday, 31st March: Favourite Book Characters Congratulations to Alison Curtain from Senior Infants who is the winner of the Favourite Book Character art challenge. Alison chose Roald Dahl’s Matilda and we think that Quentin Blake himself would be proud of this picture. Alison has chosen Lost in Space as the theme for Wednesday’s art challenge. Please submit your entries by 5pm Wednesday, 1st April to website@ballinteeretns.ie.

Monday, 30th March: Favourite Sports Person Congratulations to Cian Lynch from Fifth Class who is the winner of the Favourite Sports Person art challenge for his fantastic tribute to Usain Bolt. Cian has chosen Favourite Book Characters as the theme for Tuesday’s art challenge. Please submit your entries by 5pm Tuesday, 31st March to website@ballinteeretns.ie.

Friday, 27th March: Bicycles. Congratulations to Rijin from Fourth Class who is the winner of the Bicycles art challenge for her beautiful miniature paper craft bicycle. Rijin has chosen My Favourite Sports Person as the theme for Monday’s art challenge. Please submit your entries by 5pm Monday, 30th March to website@ballinteeretns.ie.