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Collaborative Learning in First Class

We are enjoying learning together in First Class.  Every day we work in small groups to improve our literacy skills.  We rotate through four different literacy activities.  Nick helps us with our writing skills and Ann and Sinéad work with us to develop reading and comprehension skills.  We have learned plenty of new information and skills from reading very interesting books and from writing in different genres.

In maths we love to use materials and play games to help us learn.  We work as a team and help each other to complete mathematical challenges!

In our Irish lessons we have become fantastic at having conversations and singing songs ‘as Gaeilge’.  Some children have even started to write little books as Gaeilge.  Bainaigí úsáid as bhur gcúpla focail sa bhaile leis an gcomhrá thíos!

Dia duit…….Dia is Muire duit.

Conas atá tú?………Tá mé go maith.

Cén rang ina bhfuil tú?…….. Tá mé i Rang a hAon

Cén aois thú?………Tá mé sé bliana/seacht mbliana d’aois.