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Curious Curators

To conclude our Artist in Residence programme we paid a final visit to Dunlaoghaire Lexicon.

In advance of our trip, Claire from the arts office visited us in school to talk to us about the concept of curatorship.

Curators, like many of us, like to collect items. We talked about our collections of shopkins and stickies. Curators then decide which items are their favourite and how best to display these items.

So on this trip to the Lexicon we had the opportunity to meet Martin Drury the curator. He explained to us the reasons why he has hung some of the images down low; so that they will be at eye level for children in buggies.

We are now also able to distinguish between the various art forms; paintings, drawings and sculptures. Our artistic vocabulary has really expanded since we began this project in January and I think we all have gained a greater appreciation for the importance of art in our lives.