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Harvest Time!

Our Second Classes have been busy planting pumpkins, beetroot and herbs for our garden. This week our beetroots were ready to harvest! We weren’t afraid to get our hands dirty as we picked the beetroots, cleaned them, tasted them, chopped them and made them into a delicious smoothie!

Our Second Classes would like to say a special thanks to Laragh Havelin (James’ mum) who helped us with our harvest.

Aongus’s class wrote a special report about the day that they would love to share with you :

Laragh joined us last Monday to harvest some vegetables from our vegetable patch. First we looked at the vegetables that we planted earlier this year. There were beetroots, pumpkins, brussel sprouts and leeks. Then Laragh taught us about the vegetables and we formed a line to pick the beetroots to bring them inside. We pulled and tugged them from the soil. After that we went inside to prepare them. Next we pulled off the stalks and washed the beets.

We peeled them and chopped them before we made them in to smoothies. Laragh had also made brownies for us. Finally, we ate the brownies and drank the smoothies, they were delicious!