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Kindness Week 2020

Kindness Week is in full swing at school. The children have been sharing their experiences of practising acts of kindess daily. They’re also enjoying the opportunity to do some things they might not have been able to do if they had their regular homework. According to them they’ve been playing together more, spending more time with parents, playing with pets more, spending more time outside and practising their hobbies! During the day we have been looking at some inspiring videos, learning kindness skills, thinking about the impact of kind acts and discussing positive messages about kindness.

One statement from a student in 4th Class was that ‘Kindness is like a good disease’!

We have learned about the Science of Kindness http://tiny.cc/8n52iz and also how kindness is like a boomerang http://tiny.cc/tp52iz .

In response to the Kindness Boomerang idea, Lily and Sophie from 4th made their own Kindness Boomerang Video! http://tiny.cc/ballinteer