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Learning at Home

4th Class Ice Bucket Challenge


Check out our 4th Class having some fun with the Ice Bucket Challenge! A great way to enjoy the sunny weather.

Message on Covid19

One of our students in Junior Infants put together a fantastic information video all about keeping safe and well! What amazing work.

Smile by Noah Cooper

We are very proud of 5th Class student Noah Cooper. He entered the RTÉjr We Love Books short story writing competition, and it was just announced today that his story was highly commended, and he placed in the top five! 
Noah will be doing a phone interview next week which will be on the Homeschool Hub. When the RTÉ television studio reopens Noah will also be invited in to record his story. 
You can read Noah’s story here, but be warned, it’s pretty scary!


Blinding Lights. Fun and dance – what a fantastic way to learn! Follow the links to check out these fabulous dancers. http://tiny.cc/BlindingLights and http://tiny.cc/BlindingLights2

We know we have fantastic dancers and choreographers in our school. Send us your videos and start an on online flashmob!

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School might be closed for two weeks but that hasn’t stopped our wonderful students from learning! We love to hear about the activities and projects you are getting up to at home. Please email photos and updates to website@ballinteeretns.ie. In keeping with our policies we will not identify children by name.

This sixth class student and her brother had a Skype history lesson with their aunt in Crete. They learned all about how in the 17th Century, inhabitants of a small village in England overcame the bubonic plague by self isolating. We can learn from this historic account and know that it will all be okay in the end!
Having some fun decorating a wooden A for her name!
Saving the rainforest in 2nd Class.

Third Class were also learning about the rainforest. Follow the link below to see the video one of our students created.


Learning about the rainforest in 2nd Class.
Poppy the cat helping with Maths!
Look who decided to make an early appearance! Laura’s Senior Infants class had been caring for these eggs. The eggs have gone on holidays with Laura during this school closure. Stay tuned for more updates.
Writing and maths practice : )
Jenga time for this Senior Infant!
A Nature Bingo game while on their morning walk. These children found everything from leaves to logs and everything in between.
Brian decided to draw a rocket today, visiting another planet and finding aliens 🙂
And Number Blocks – a fantastic way to develop number understanding through story
One of our 2nd class students created an encouraging poster for the neighbourhood this morning. He made up the words himself, it reads : Keep Your Happiness, Don’t Keep Fear! 
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Art Challenge: We will be setting an art challenge every day during the school’s closure. Children can draw a picture or create an art project and send a photograph to website@ballinteeretns.ie. The winning entry each day will get to pick the theme of the next day’s art challenge!
Today’s art challenge theme is: Leprechauns
Please send your art challenge photographs to website@ballinteeretns.ie before 5pm. The winning entry will be posted on the website.

Have you visited Twinkl.ie yet? These students have! Twinkl is an excellent learning resource that covers all topics and subject areas in the primary school curriculum. Visit www.twinkl.ie/offer and enter code IRLTWINKLHELPS for free access.
One of our sixth class students and her brother from first class working side-by-side on the free Khan Academy home schooling website.
Hopscotch spelling: A made up game.
Draw up the alphabet in chalk on the pavement. Child throws a pebble. Someone calls out a word for whatever letter the pebble lands on. The child has to hop to the letters that spell out the word.

One of our students from 1st Class working alongside his mum. This student has set himself a reading challenge – for every book he reads he adds a link to his paper chain. When the chain is long enough he takes a break for a lego reward!

Have you visited Twinkl.ie? This is an excellent learning resource that covers all topics and subject areas in the primary school curriculum. Visit www.twinkl.ie/offer and enter code IRLTWINKLHELPS for free access.