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Our trip to the W.B. Yeats Exhibition

Written by 5th class

On Tuesday we went to the W.B. Yeats Exhibition at The National Library of Ireland. We took the LUAS from Dundrum to Dawson Street.

When we arrived we were met by our tour guide Maeve. She told us a lot about W.B. Yeats and his family, for example we knew he had a brother called Jack but we learned that he also had two sisters called Susan and Elizabeth, or Lily and Lolly as they were better known. When he was in school he wasn’t very good at spelling and yet he became the first Irish man to win a Nobel Prize for Literature. We saw a trophy he won at school. He and his sister had a secret code language and we saw a letter he wrote using this secret code. He was part of a group interested in the occult called the Golden Dawn. In his last poem he wrote about where he wanted to be buried, Under Ben Bulben, although there are questions about whether it is really his body buried there. We saw a lock of his hair, it was a tradition to keep a lock of hair to remember someone. We also saw his spectacles. We saw his original handwritten poems.

After the exhibition we had our lunch and we got to visit the Reading Room in the National Library. We thought it was amazing, the ceiling was so high and so colourful.