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Painting with Nature!

Second class were so lucky to have Caroline (Sadhbh’s mum) come in and visit us today. She taught us how to make paint using different berries, leaves and soil.


First we went on a hunt in the field, some of us looked for lots of green things,some of us hunted for red things, some of us got berries, some of use found grass, some of us even brought back soil!

20151019_111621 20151019_110653

Then Caroline came in to talk to us about the colours we see around us, and how we can use them to make paint. Here we are looking out the window!

20151019_110551 20151019_110601

Then we went in small groups, and Caroline helped us make the paint. We used the paint to create a picture!






A big thank you to Caroline (Sadhbh’s mum) for sharing this with us! We all really enjoyed ourselves.


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