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Peace Run 2017

We were delighted to welcome the Peace Run Team to our school today. This year the Peace Run is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Galway has been chosen for the European opening ceremony as the most Western point in Europe. The runners from many countries will be represented. The President of Ireland has been invited to welcome the runners. We now have the details confirmed for the team’s schedule while in Ireland and the schools are a large part of this initiative. They try to visit as many schools as possible in every country, so we were really lucky!

You can find out more information at www.peacerun.org

The motto of the Peace Run is “Peace Begins With Me!” – stressing the importance of how each individual can make a positive contribution to creating a happier and more peaceful world.

The Peace Runners visited 2nd and 3rd Classes for a presentation and then our whole school gathered together to touch the Peace Torch and make a wish for world peace.