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Sowing seeds in First class


In First Class we have been learning all about living things. We have carried out an experiment to see what conditions plants and animals need in order for them to grow. This is an aspect of our study about habitats and what habitats we have in ireland. Each group got some different seeds to sow and over the next few weeks we are documenting how they grow.

We have designated a water person in our class to water the plants on a daily basis and we know this is a big job with a lot of responsibility.



The Compost

 The pots with all our names.

Putting the compost in the pots.

Each group getting their seeds. It was lots of fun to shake and feel the packet and guess what our seeds would look like.

Finally sowing the seeds which will be watered daily. We can’t wait to watch our seeds grow.   

We have also left one pot in the press in total darkness to see what happens to that pot as it will receive no sunlight in order for it to grow.