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Step 3 – Engineering

Engineering in Ballinteer Educate Together

Engineers are people who build things and some of them work in labs. Engineers design and build bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Dundrum Luas Bridge and The Sydney Harbour Bridge. One of the most important things about Engineers is the way they work, they think of a problem and think about how to solve it.  Engineers build robots, games and computer programs. We tested out our own engineerings skills when we built houses on jelly to see if they could withstand the force of an Earthquake. There are mechanical engineers, civil engineers, biomedical engineers, software and computer engineers, aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers, aerospace engineers and progress and chemical engineers. We built a robot with Justin and programmed it to turn and reverse. We build houses using K’Nex to practice our engineering skills.


Our Experiments:




Jacobs Engineering visit Fourth Class

Engineers Week


Fourth Class with the school certificate from Jacobs Engineering. Well done 🙂