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The Garden Centre Opening!

The space station has shut its doors in Senior Infants. A new garden centre is opening instead. The garden centre will be selling flowers, seeds, tools and equipment so make sure to pay us a visit for all your landscape gardening needs! Have a look at our garden centre assistants and gardeners hard at work today.

The Aliens Have Landed!

Senior Infants are learning all about Space this month. We have loved learning all about Neil Armstrong’s moon landing. We have been designing space aliens in art and writing about our aliens in English. We have been reading a variety of factual and fictional books about space. We have been singing songs about the planets and learning poems about going to space!

During our play, we have been designing space rockets in construction and making sock aliens in junk art. We have been constructing alien homes on the moon in the sand area -as well as acting out the moon landing and making the astronauts footprints! Aliens have been appearing in our play dough area and there have been several UFO sightings in the socio-dramatic area! The astronauts working there have even made contact with some friendly space creatures!

Have a look at our gallery to see how much fun we are having! 

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!

We have been learning all about the weather in Aisling’s Senior Infants. We have been reading factual and fictional stories based around the topic of the weather. When we read ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ we knew it must be fictional – there was food falling from the sky!

We then pretended we lived in Chewandswallow (the town in the story) and we drew our favourite dinner falling from the sky! Have a look at our video to see what we would like the food weather forecast to be!


Senior Infants are Arctic Explorers!

Aisling’s class have been learning all about the animals that live in the Arctic this week! We have been on adventures finding out about the animals during our hour of play. We have seen polar bears, Arctic hares, snowy owls, seals, Arctic foxes and much more! Some penguins even came from the Antarctica for a visit! Have a look at our video to see what we have been doing!

The Opticians has Opened!

Ballinteer Opticians has opened its doors in Aisling’s room. All the children are delighted to be having their eyes checked and picking new contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses. The teddy bears need eye tests as well! Thankfully our helpful opticians are testing bears as well as children! The designers are hard at work designing new glasses and our new store should be open soon now that the Ballinteer builders are on the job! Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to drop in and get your eyes checked!

The Olympics in Senior Infants!

We are learning about the theme of ‘The Olympics’ through Aistear this month. We have been really enjoying our socio-dramatic area, where we are warming up and competing in different events. We have been looking at old Olympics mascots and designing new mascots, as well as writing about the Olympics in our writing area. In our small world area, we have been making puppet arenas so that our finger puppets can become Olympic athletes too! We have been building arenas with a field and running tracks in the construction area. In the junk art area, we have been making medals, trophies, swimming pools, diving boards and more! We have learnt lots of fun information and facts about the Olympics past and present this week. We hope that you enjoy looking at our pictures!

The Garden Centre

Have a look at all the hard work children in Aisling’s class are doing! We are planting seeds, working at the cash register, designing new machines and weighing seeds during our play.

Chinese Restaurant

Senior Infants  have been learning all about Chinese New Year, healthy eating, food choices and restaurants through play. We made some beautiful Chinese New Year Art also.

There has been a lot of drama in the Chinese restaurant. Some chefs were quite cranky, while others were clumsy and some forgot the orders as soon as they got them! The customers were a varied bunch too – patience was in short supply at times because the kitchen was taking too long to prepare the food or the waiter was spilling water. Thankfully it all worked out in the end!

The language area made some fantastic menus, money wallets, children’s menus and toys and food reviews. They really used their imaginations and enjoyed writing.

The creative area were using play dough and made some beautiful delicacies over the past few weeks for everyone to enjoy.

The construction group have made some very interesting Chinese restaurants, hotels, cafés and much more.

The small world area had some very interesting cone people there, and they were used to tell (or change) the story of the Chinese Zodiac.

Have a look at our gallery to see some of our hard work!

Healthy Eating Art

In Senior Infants we have been exploring the benefits of healthy eating and the advantages of having a healthy lifestyle. Our Aistear topic this month is the Healthy Eating Cafe and we are having great fun designing menus, playing in the restaurant and kitchen, creating our own restaurant small world and making sand pie! We have also been dancing in PE, which is keeping us fit and healthy!

In art we have been looking at the work of Henri Matisse and Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We really enjoyed using oil pastels to draw a still life picture and then we got to design our own face using fruit and vegetables! Have a look at our amazing gallery below.

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