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Picnic in the Park!

Senior Infants went for a wonderful walk in the sunshine to Balally Park today. They played in the playground and had a picnic on the grass. Look at all the fun they had!

Air Control to Senior Infants!

Senior Infants have opened a new airport in Aisling’s room. The children have been inspired by the stories of Amelia Earhart and the Wright brothers so they are inventing new methods of air travel, as well as operating a commercial airline!

Flights are departing daily to Canada, Norway and Spain (among other places). Security is tight so make sure to check your belongings for sharp objects before passing through our metal detectors. Our flights are strictly hand luggage only, which must be placed in the overhead bins or under your seat. Listen closely to the safety instructions and keep your seat belt securely fastened. Enjoy your flight!

Minibeast Invasion!

Senior Infants have been learning all about gardening and minibeasts over the last few weeks. They loved exploring nature through play when we were doing ‘The Garden Centre’ in Aistear. The children then made their own minibeats using clay. They experimented rolling, pinching, scratching and stretching the clay. They used some of our art supplies to add eyes, wings and legs. Have a look at some of our fantastic results (before they were even painted!)!

The Garden Centre Opening!

The space station has shut its doors in Senior Infants. A new garden centre is opening instead. The garden centre will be selling flowers, seeds, tools and equipment so make sure to pay us a visit for all your landscape gardening needs! Have a look at our garden centre assistants and gardeners hard at work today.

The Aliens Have Landed!

Senior Infants are learning all about Space this month. We have loved learning all about Neil Armstrong’s moon landing. We have been designing space aliens in art and writing about our aliens in English. We have been reading a variety of factual and fictional books about space. We have been singing songs about the planets and learning poems about going to space!

During our play, we have been designing space rockets in construction and making sock aliens in junk art. We have been constructing alien homes on the moon in the sand area -as well as acting out the moon landing and making the astronauts footprints! Aliens have been appearing in our play dough area and there have been several UFO sightings in the socio-dramatic area! The astronauts working there have even made contact with some friendly space creatures!

Have a look at our gallery to see how much fun we are having! 

Lá Fhéile Pádraig!

Senior Infants have been practising their Irish dancing this month. They have all really enjoyed doing their 1, 2, 3 ‘s and listening to Irish music.  Today we even got to do a céilí dance ‘The Walls of Limerick’ / ‘Ballaí Luimnigh’ . Have a look at our video to see us doing some of our moves at the end of the céilí!

We also learnt the ‘Haka Gaelach’, which is based on the famous pre-match Haka of the All Blacks! We really tried to use our scary faces while we were performing!

To finish off our day, we coloured some beautiful shamrocks and even got keep a piece of real shamrock – after giving it a rub for good luck!




Senior Infants Love Reading!

We love reading in Senior Infants! Today was World Book Day and we have been doing a lot of fun activities in Senior Infants to celebrate. All week we have been having visits from ‘Secret Readers’ who have been sharing their favourite books with us. We have heard stories about Rosie the engineer who made contraptions that could fly and  Natalie who had a pig up her nose! Thank you to all our Secret Readers – we have loved listening to your stories!

Today we brought in our favourite books and read them with Aongus’ Second Class. We had factual books about dinosaurs, animals and history. We had fictional books about fairies, gingerbread men, mermaids and much much more! They were all very interesting and we enjoyed every minute of it!


Do not feed the animals!

This month Aisling’s class have been learning all about the zoo, during their Aistear hour of play. We have been designing habitats within the zoo for animals, building rescue centres for ill or endangered animals, creating animal masks using fabric and fibre, making animals and animal food out of playdough and  pretending we are zoo keepers and vets in the zoo. We have had an exciting few weeks, with lions escaping, baby animals being born and people falling into the animal enclosures! We are very sad that the zoo will be closing soon, as we have had so much fun! Have a look at our gallery to see a snapshot of our exciting month.

Pancake Tuesday in Senior Infants!

The children in Aisling’s Senior Infants read the stories ‘The Runaway Pancake’ and ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ in school today because it is Pancake Tuesday! We discovered the ingredients needed to make pancakes, and we discussed our favourite toppings. Nearly everyone loved lemon and sugar!

But sadly we do not have a hob to cook pancakes on in school. We brainstormed cooking our pancakes over a fire or over birthday candles – we even thought about eating the batter without cooking it!

Instead we decided to make pretend batter and bring it to the staff room – where it magically became real! Aisling brought the real pancakes back into the classroom and we devoured them with lemon and sugar. We were all stuffed and very happy!

Helping at Home Challenge!

In Ballinteer ETNS we have all been helping out at home this month. In Senior Infants the children have been tidying up toys, emptying dishwashers, folding clothes and even helping with babies nappies! Have a look at our video to hear all about our hard work!


Senior Infant Weather Symphonies!

Aisling’s Senior Infants are learning all about An Aimsir (the weather) this month. We will be exploring different ways to measure and predict weather, reporting the current weather and recording the weather.

Here are some of the phrases we are practising:
Cén saghas lae é? (What sort of day is it today? )
Tá an lá fuar, te, fluich, tirim, gaofar, scamallach. (It is a cold, hot, wet, dry, windy, cloudy day. )

We have also been listening to some orchestral pieces based on the weather. We then decided to compose our own musical symphony based on rain. Click on the link to have a listen!

Senior Infants are Arctic Explorers!

Aisling’s class have been learning all about the animals that live in the Arctic this week! We have been on adventures finding out about the animals during our hour of play. We have seen polar bears, Arctic hares, snowy owls, seals, Arctic foxes and much more! Some penguins even came from the Antarctica for a visit! Have a look at our video to see what we have been doing!

The Thankful Turkey

Senior Infants have been learning all about Thanksgiving. We decided to create a ‘Thankful Turkey’ to show all the things and people that we are grateful for. When we wrote down all the things we were grateful for, we were amazed by how lucky we are! Our turkey looks very big and tasty! We are thankful for our families, our friends, our school, our toys and our homes.



Math Games in Senior Infants

In Senior Infants, 7 is the magic number! We have been doing a wide range of counting games and math activities over the month of November, all focusing on the number 7. We have been making sets of 7, building number towers and using our math eyes to find the number 7 in our school and home environments. We have been having a lot of fun! Have a look at some of our work.

Aisling’s Senior Infants was full of wonderful characters to celebrate the last day of midterm. Have a look at some of our brilliant costumes!

img_12851 img_12861 img_12871 img_12881 img_12891 img_12961 img_12971

Aisling’s Authors and Illustrators

The Ballinteer ETNS Book Fair is starting next week and we are really excited about it in Senior Infants. To celebrate our Book Fair we have written and illustrated books about Autumn. We are very proud of our writing! These books will be displayed next week so make sure you have a look at them! Here is a little video sneak peak of all our hard work!




Autumn Adventures!

Last week Senior Infants went on our Autumn walk. We had a lot of fun on our adventure with Aisling, Ann and Críona. We saw the leaves turning gold, red and orange. We collected pine cones, acorns, conkers and leaves. We even saw a squirrel! We finished off our walk with a quick trip to the playground. It was a fantastic day!

Math in Senior Infants

This week in Senior Infants, we are learning all about the number 6. Have a look at our gallery to see how we are learning to partition and combine within 6. We are having a lot of fun while we learn.

The Opticians has Opened!

Ballinteer Opticians has opened its doors in Aisling’s room. All the children are delighted to be having their eyes checked and picking new contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses. The teddy bears need eye tests as well! Thankfully our helpful opticians are testing bears as well as children! The designers are hard at work designing new glasses and our new store should be open soon now that the Ballinteer builders are on the job! Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to drop in and get your eyes checked!

Learning Through Play in Senior Infants!

In Senior Infants, we have been doing loads of fun activities to help us with our number formation. We have been writing numbers in sand and shaving foam! We have also been making the numbers out of play dough.  As well as that, we have been writing the numbers on whiteboards with markers and on sugar paper with chalk. We are really enjoying practicing our numbers!

Welcome back Senior Infants!

Senior Infants are really enjoying being back at school. We have been getting to know all our new friends and we are having great fun with our old friends too!

We have been using the topic of homes and the story of the Three Little Pigs during our play for the last two weeks. In the Construction Area we have been building homes such as castles, apartment blocks, detached houses and caravans. We have been recounting the story of the Three Little Pigs in our Creative Play dough Area and our Pretend Play Area. We have met the ‘Big Good Wolf’ as well as ‘Big Bad Wolf’ in these areas. The pigs were delighted to find out that the ‘Big Good Wolf’ is actually a vegetarian!  In our Small World Area we have been building homes for the animal and people puppets. In our Junk Art Area we have been using catalogs to design the perfect home.

Have a look at the gallery below to see some of the fantastic things Aisling’s class have been doing!


Teddy Bear Invasion in Senior Infants!

Our teddy bears came to school today! Have a look at our video to see how they got on!


The Olympics in Senior Infants!

We are learning about the theme of ‘The Olympics’ through Aistear this month. We have been really enjoying our socio-dramatic area, where we are warming up and competing in different events. We have been looking at old Olympics mascots and designing new mascots, as well as writing about the Olympics in our writing area. In our small world area, we have been making puppet arenas so that our finger puppets can become Olympic athletes too! We have been building arenas with a field and running tracks in the construction area. In the junk art area, we have been making medals, trophies, swimming pools, diving boards and more! We have learnt lots of fun information and facts about the Olympics past and present this week. We hope that you enjoy looking at our pictures!

School Tour Video!

Listen to some of the boys and girls from Aisling’s class as they tell you about their favourite activities on the school tour.


Infants on tour!

Junior Infants and Senior Infants went on their school tour on Tuesday to UCD Sports Camp. The excitement started when the children saw the two giant coaches – one was even a double decker! When we got to UCD, they had a fantastic time doing various activities including; soccer, trampolining, dodgeball, archery, climbing, unihoc, ultimate frisbee and dancing. Each group got to do four different activities led by superb leaders. The bus journey home was very quite after all that exercise! Look at our gallery to see a snapshot of what a wonderful day everyone had.


Ipads in the Classroom

Senior Infants are using ipads to help us with our literacy! We love playing the phonics games, learning new sounds, writing letters and collecting monsters along the way! It is great fun!

Space Aistear

We were exploring Space during our play for the past three weeks. We have been building rockets, travelling to different planets, designing space equipment and spotting aliens! We really enjoyed our space journey!

Senior Infant Space Assembly

We had a great time practicing for our show and hope that everyone enjoyed it! Have a look at our rehearsal!



We are going on a bunny hunt!

Senior Infants had an egg hunt today!  We heard rumors that something with a fluffy tail was hopping about outside, we also heard that this creature had dropped shiny oval objects around the playground! We had a prime suspect in mind – could it be the Easter Bunny?  We had to investigate!

Imagine our delight when we saw our playground littered with shiny oval eggs! We went on an egg hunt, collecting them all into baskets. We counted them as they went in and there was exactly one for every child!

It wasn’t just eggs that we found…We found bunny shaped prints leading out of the gate….We found some white feathery fur …. Some people even say they saw a white fluffy tail disappearing over the fence as we walked in! Very curious!

IMG_0482 IMG_0483 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0494 IMG_0496 IMG_0497 IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0500 IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0504

Airfield Farm Video

Senior Infants went on a class trip to Airfield Farm today. We saw chickens, cows, calves, goats (or a Tribe of goats!), sheep and a very large sow! We watched the farmers collect the eggs from the chicken houses and saw the cows being milked! It was amazing! Thank you to all our parent volunteers who walked there with us and helped us along the way. We had a fantastic time! Click on the link below to see a short video about our trip. 


Chinese Restaurant

Senior Infants  have been learning all about Chinese New Year, healthy eating, food choices and restaurants through play. We made some beautiful Chinese New Year Art also.

There has been a lot of drama in the Chinese restaurant. Some chefs were quite cranky, while others were clumsy and some forgot the orders as soon as they got them! The customers were a varied bunch too – patience was in short supply at times because the kitchen was taking too long to prepare the food or the waiter was spilling water. Thankfully it all worked out in the end!

The language area made some fantastic menus, money wallets, children’s menus and toys and food reviews. They really used their imaginations and enjoyed writing.

The creative area were using play dough and made some beautiful delicacies over the past few weeks for everyone to enjoy.

The construction group have made some very interesting Chinese restaurants, hotels, cafés and much more.

The small world area had some very interesting cone people there, and they were used to tell (or change) the story of the Chinese Zodiac.

Have a look at our gallery to see some of our hard work!

Healthy Eating Art

In Senior Infants we have been exploring the benefits of healthy eating and the advantages of having a healthy lifestyle. Our Aistear topic this month is the Healthy Eating Cafe and we are having great fun designing menus, playing in the restaurant and kitchen, creating our own restaurant small world and making sand pie! We have also been dancing in PE, which is keeping us fit and healthy!

In art we have been looking at the work of Henri Matisse and Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We really enjoyed using oil pastels to draw a still life picture and then we got to design our own face using fruit and vegetables! Have a look at our amazing gallery below.

Winter Wonderland

Senior Infants have been exploring the Arctic (and the Emperor Penguins in the Antarctica)  over the past moth. We have learnt all about the Inuits, the Arctic animals and the Arctic weather conditions during our Aistear play. We have made some beautiful igloos, fantastic penguins and essential exploring equipment during our play. Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to….

Jingle Bells

Senior Infants loved using the percussion instruments to accompany our song Jingle Bells. We discussed what instruments we should use, which instruments sounded soft and gentle like snow and which sounded louder like bells. We picked a variety of bells, chimes and shakers to play during our song. We hope that you enjoy it!


Winter Snowflake Science

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from the fantastic Grace Garde, a science expert from the Heritage in Schools Programme. She taught us all about how a snowflake is formed and we learnt a lovely song about snow! She brought us in some holly, leaves, twigs and acorns found during the month of December and we made our own creatures using these natural resources. We made some super heroes, Arctic animals, people and much more! Have a look at our excellent work…


Anti-Bullying Week Senior Infants

It is Anti-Bullying Week in Ballinteer Educate Together National School. In Senior Infants we have been learning about how we can ‘Say No To Bullying’. We have been focusing on friendship and how we can be a good friend. We have been giving compliments to other people and we made friendship bracelets. Here are some ways to be a great friend:

When someone looks lonely I can go and play with them


When someone is stuck with their work I can help them