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Trailing around our school

Trailing around School 

This week in First Class we decided to take our Maths outdoors and it was loads of fun. We took our clipboards and sheets and went outside to gather the information we needed. We decided to measure how many steps we took from the front door of our school to the gate. We then counted the number of bars in the gate when we reached it.


It was difficult to count and walk at the same time so we had to concentrate very hard. It took us about 150 steps to reach the gate from the front door.


Group number two had to take a record of the number of cars at the front of the school and we wrote down all the registration numbers of the cars and the colour of each car. We discovered that the colour silver was very popular among the teachers in school. Our teacher said that was because it was easier to keep silver cars clean :).




We also had to count the number of windows at the front of our school. As there were lots of windows it took us a few goes to get it right. It was very interesting to note the difference in the window shape from our school building to the window shapes in the new school building where second and third class are.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Maths Trail around the school. It was lots of fun to get a chance to do some Maths outside.