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UCD’s Science Outreach

Aongus’ 4th Class were lucky enough to visit the UCD Science Department last week as part of the college’s outreach programme. The children got a tour of the UCD campus getting to see in to lecture halls, tutorial rooms and the different types of laboratories there. After the tour the children took part in a lecture especially prepared for them about ‘The Eye’. We got to do different experiments where we were trying to find our blind spot and find out some quirky features of our eyes. Interestingly, the staff at the college use Zebra Fish to find out more about human eyes. Because of that the children experienced working with pipettes and petri dishes to move around the tiny Zebra Fish. They also got to see close-up images of tiny shrimp through a microscope. We would like to thank Alex’s mother Imelda for helping to organise this trip.