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Walking Water

Mission: To see if we can make water to move from one location to another.

Our investigation of capillary action. Capillary action as we found out is how flowers move water from the ground beneath them up through their stems up into their petals and leaves. From our discussion on habitats we discovered that cacti must be really good at capillary action as there is not much water around them.

We used clear cups. paper towels, water and food colouring for this experiment. The best part is we could do this at home very easily as there are not a lot of materials needed.



We put the two glasses next to each other and filled both with the same amount of water. We then put a drop of different coloured food colouring into both. It is easier to see the water with the food colouring in it.


We then put the paper towel which was cut to an inch wide into both cups. We then put an empty cup in between the cups that were full with water.


What happened: After some time we saw the coloured water crept along the paper towels and pooled into the empty cup all by itself. We made the water walk.