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Wild Patch

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Mary Oliver

As part of our school’s work around Earth Day a small group of students in fourth class asked Orlaith and Jim if it would be possible to leave a patch of the front lawn to grow wild.

We had noticed back in April that some lovely wildflowers like cowslips and field speedwell were emerging.  We hoped that more species of plants would emerge and that we could encourage pollinators and biodiversity into our wild patch!

You will see the wild patch behind the sign at the entrance to the school.  Look closely at the growth which now includes 

Clover (seamar bhán)

Daisies (nóiníní)

Dandelions (caisearbhán)

Ribwort plantain (slánlus)

Speedwell (lus cré garraí)

The website http://www.wildflowersofireland.net/index.php is a brilliant source of information for identifying wild flowers growing in our area.  

You can also become a citizen scientist by logging your identified plants with Biodiversity Ireland at https://records.biodiversityireland.ie/.